Cupid's Pulse Article: Dr. Lillian Glass Talks ‘Toxic Men’Cupid's Pulse Article: Dr. Lillian Glass Talks ‘Toxic Men’

By Krissy Dolor

You’ve seen them on TV, at work, or maybe in your own home.  You’ve dated them, worked for or with them, and have screamed at them from the comfort of your couch.  Yet, women everywhere still put up with their crap.  That’s right – I’m talking toxic men, the men who have you feeling sad, angry and confused about who you are.  Even worse, you may not even know that you’re dealing with a toxic man!  Lucky for you, Lillian Glass, PhD is here to help.  In her latest book, Toxic Men: 10 Ways to Identify, Deal with, and Heal from the Men You Make Your Life Miserable, Dr. Glass helps you figure out what types of men are toxic to you, and ways to handle them when you have to, and dump them when you don’t.  What’s more is that her training in body language can help you see the warning signs that are often masked with words.  After reading the book ourselves, we have to say that Dr. Glass is spot on – we’ve even figured out the types of toxic men we should avoid at all costs (aside from the scary-sounding The Socio-Psychopath)!  Dr. Glass took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with us over the phone about her book.  See what this best-selling author had to say:

In the introduction to Toxic Men: 10 Ways to Identify, Deal with, and Heal from the Men Who Make Your Life Miserable, you mention that its predecessor, Toxic People, inspired you to write a book geared specifically to women.  Do you think you will write a ‘Toxic Women’ book for men?

I tell you, in all honest, the book should have been called Toxic Men and Women.  It’s really for both sexes.  Even the men who read it are surprised at how it relates to both men and women.  I think I may write a ‘Toxic Women’ book.  Right now, Toxic Families is coming out, and then maybe ‘Toxic Women.’

When will Toxic Families come out?

Toxic Families will be published in November by Adams Media, the same publishing company as the other books.

You define 11 Toxic Types of Men.  Aside from “The Socio-Psychopath,” which just sounds awful, which of them do you think is the worst type and why?

It’s different for different people.  Some people, they don’t mind certain types that others mind.  I myself don’t like ‘The Sneaky Passive-Aggressive Silent-but-Deadly Erupting Volcano,’ I think they’re sneaky and dangerous.

One of the things I do for people is make them write down, as an exercise, five men who absolutely, without a doubt, make your life miserable, since you were a child until now.  Then, write down three adjectives next to them, and you’ll see that there will be similar traits for each person.  Like, oops – you know that’s who to stay away from.

The checklists of each trait from the 11 types of Toxic Men are helpful!  But how can you tell the difference between ‘normal’ and ‘toxic’ behaviors, as many people – men and women – exhibit some levels of toxic behavior?

It’s consistency – how you feel around that person.  If you consistently feel bad, or if your body starts reacting, that’s how you know this is a toxic person.

What do you say to women who are in denial about their involvement with a toxic man?

You can be in denial, but the truth always, always prevails – it always prevails.  Even if you think it’s fine, it will come out in your behavior, health and other ways.

What’s the number one piece of advice you have for women dealing with toxic men?

The number one thing is respect yourself.  Don’t let anyone abuse you, and don’t think less of yourself!

In addition to your books, you were also recently featured on an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker.  What other projects do you have coming up this year?

Well, definitely a lot more Millionaire Matchmaker with Patti this season, according to Patti, which is great!  And I will also be doing a lot of media and doing a lot of projects, which will be very helpful to people.

Cupid’s Pulse thanks Dr. Lillian Glass for her time!  If you want to figure out which types of men you’re toxic to, visit Amazon to purchase your copy of Toxic Men: 10 Ways to Identify, Deal with, and Heal from the Men Who Make Your Life Miserable.  To read more about Dr. Glass, check out her website:  Stay toxic free!