Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: Why You Should Talk About Your Ex on a First DateCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: Why You Should Talk About Your Ex on a First Date

By E!’s Famously Single Dating Coach, Laurel House

Other relationship experts may discourage you from talking about your ex on a first date, but in this week’s dating advice video, relationship expert, and E!’s Famously Single dating coach, Laurel House says otherwise. “More than revealing your past, it can also set the standard of expectation for your future,” she explains. “It can even make him feel good about himself!”

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Laurel House From E!’s Famously Single Shares Expert Dating Advice for Your Next First Date

The Screwing the Rules relationship author elaborates, “The key to ex talk is that you both reveal. Once you bring up your ex, encourage him to chime in about his too.” Before discussing your past relationship and love, consider this expert dating advice:

DO talk about the most interesting men you’ve dated, but don’t go on and on.

DO express regrets but explain that you learned from those mistakes.

DON’T sound bitter, broken, jaded, or angry.

DON’T talk as though you’re still in love with him.

DON’T mention things that no guy wants to hear about (like your sex life) or things that you wouldn’t want to get back to your ex.

The relationship author then shares her best tips for how to bring up your ex. “Do it strategically. Don’t go on and on. Don’t talk about them for more than 20 minutes total. Don’t make it a sob session, a therapy session, or a show-off session,” she says.

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