Cupid's Pulse Article: Katie Maloney of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Opens Up About Her Relationship and Love Life: “I’m Confident Now That a Proposal is Coming”Cupid's Pulse Article: Katie Maloney of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Opens Up About Her Relationship and Love Life: “I’m Confident Now That a Proposal is Coming”

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Emma L. Wells.

After an emotional ride on season three of the popular Bravo reality TV series Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney seems better than ever! She took some time to talk with about the biggest moments of last season, her relationship with Tom Schwartz and what’s next for them as a celebrity couple.

Katie Maloney Discusses Her Relationship and Love Life and Reality TV Show

There were many points during last season where the fate of Maloney’s relationship and love life with Schwartz was unclear. Viewers had watched the reality star give her boyfriend a six-month proposal ultimatum on the show. “When that came about, I was fed up and really frustrated,” the reality TV star explains. After the complete story of his infidelity finally came out, Maloney admits that she was at the end of her rope: “I was like, ‘Okay, well, how many blows can I take and still be patient and understanding and work at this with you?’ There were all these bombs coming out of left field!”

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In January, the beauty guru wrote about her celebrity romance in her Bravo blog: “I had to completely turn my attention and priorities towards our relationship and assess everything. Rebuilding my relationship was the most important thing to me. So in order to move forward, both in head and heart, I had to forgive everyone. Not for them but for me… For me, I cannot move forward and grow and learn if I do not swallow my pride and forgive and accept. I did this for myself and for my relationship. Tom on his own was making moves to preserve our relationship, and this was my contribution to our growth.”

And while her deadline has come and gone without an engagement ring, she seems optimistic about her future with Schwartz. “I’m confident now that a proposal is coming,” she shares. “We’re in the best place that we’ve been in. We went through hell, and we decided that our relationship is important to us both. We’re committed equally to it, and I think we’re more in love than we have been.”

Fans of Vanderpump Rules know that the famous couple have, of course, talked about their eventual engagement. Maloney says that she is a sucker for watching the crazy flash mob proposals on YouTube, but she has a different idea for her own special day.  “I want him to do something that’s representative of us and that he wants to do,” she admits.

When it comes to their wedding day, she’d like it to be “completely stress-free. We get married, and then we party!” The pair hasn’t completely ruled out getting married on reality TV though. “We’ll see,” she cryptically responds when asked if her walk down the aisle will be seen on Vanderpump Rules.

She also reveals that they have talked about having a family. “I definitely want us to enjoy being married for a bit before we start having kids. And that’s why I want to get the ball moving — I’m young, but I’m not getting younger!” she says with a laugh.

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It’s no surprise that Maloney feels that the issues she faced last year, both in her romantic relationship and in her friendships, have allowed her to grow as a person. She cites the difficulties with Schwartz as the turning point and shares, “Instead of letting it destroy me or devastate me, I’d rather use it to empower me. I want to focus on my strength and happiness and really begin to let go of the petty drama. I realize now that life is short.”

That new mindset is one of the reasons why she decided to bury the hatchet with Scheana Marie and go to Miami, even though it ended her friendship with Stassi Schroeder. “At the end of the day, if it’s going to be something that dumb that causes Stassi to toss out an amazing friend, then you know what? Sorry I’m not sorry,” she comments.

Vanderpump Rules Star Katie Maloney Has Big Plans for the Future

It’s not just Maloney’s romantic life that’s coming together. “I’m at a point right now where I’m thinking, ‘What are you going to do next?'” she shares of her career path. Outside of working at Sur, she’s still focusing on her beauty blog Pucker & Pout, which offers makeup and fashion advice and might soon be broadening into health-conscious content like meditation, yoga, and exercise. “I’ve been brainstorming other ideas, little ventures I can do,” she adds. “It would be so much fun to a do a line of cosmetics or hair care products, but it’s a huge undertaking.” While the blog is definitely her passion, she doesn’t know much about the business side of things. “I just like to put makeup on and be creative,” she confesses.

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Her work on Pucker & Pout is something that viewers of the show don’t really get to see. “That stuff would be fun to have on Vanderpump Rules, but there’s not a lot of drama in it,” she explains. “Sometimes, I wish we could show more of the personal endeavors and things outside of the show. I think it’s important because we all are people who are creative, talented, and smart and work at a restaurant to supplement our income.”

Speaking of the hit reality TV show, fans of Vanderpump Rules are dying to know if there will be another season. The most recent season received such high ratings and viewership that many would be surprised if it Bravo didn’t renew it. When asked if she’d sign on for season four, she enthusiastically responds, “Of course!”

Keep up with Katie on Twitter @MusicKillsKate, and don’t forget to check out her blog Pucker & Pout,!