Cupid's Pulse Article: Role Reversals in Relationships and LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Role Reversals in Relationships and Love

By Melanie Mar

Relationships and love have progressively changed over recent decades, thanks in large part to women’s rights. Today, there are more independent working women than ever before, and with that comes significant changes within the dynamics of romantic partnerships.

Top 5 Signs You Should Take the Lead in Your Relationship and Love Life

Ambition and masculine energy have become synonymous in society. Women find it beneficial to partner with a man who is supportive rather than competitive; that way, a peaceful home will be created that will help her achieve her goals. However, not all personality types are best-suited for these masculine and feminine role reversals in relationships and love. So how do you know if a role reversal relationship is right for you? Ladies, below are five signs that you might actually be happier if you take the lead in love:

1. You are a natural born leader in the relationship and instinctively guide the path that it takes.

2. You enjoy setting goals and reaching them in your personal life.

3. You enjoy achieving success.

4. You are ambitious and driven.

5. You are more decisive than indecisive.

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Now that you’ve decided that this type of relationship is for you, you may need some love advice on how to maintain a healthy, harmonious romance. Understand that, for every “pot,” there is a “lid,” and the key is to find a man with the opposite energy of your own. Know what role you want to take romantically, and stick with it. There are men who prefer stronger women to take the lead. They are usually the artistic, creative types who have no desire to compete, conquer, or control.

Women are still pre-conditioned to want a man who has the outward characteristics of a leader — someone who is decisive, self-confident, and aggressive. These types of traits are considered masculine. If your honey doesn’t possess them, that doesn’t mean he is weak or incompetent; he simply has a different set of dominant personality traits.

The man who is right for you is successful in his own career, desires a dominant women, and enjoys having you take charge at home. He loves to be your head cheerleader and devotes himself to making your life easier and more comfortable. Relationship experts say you may have already passed over this type of man, not realizing that he was a perfect partner for you. If you keep picking a man who always wants to take charge — because society or your loved ones tell you that’s how it should be — then you will be in a combative, volatile relationship, which is not fulfilling for either partner and is ultimately very destructive.

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Expert Love Advice For Role Reversal Relationships

It might be difficult to accept that you prefer to be the leader in a marriage or relationship. It may mean giving up your childhood fairy tale wish of Prince Charming arriving on his white horse. Listen to my expert love advice because the fact is, traditional marriage roles simply do not work for everyone. Role reversal relationships are on the rise as more men and women discover that there is another path to happily ever after!

Melanie Mar is a relationship expert and life coach as well as co-owner of the Millionaire’s Club International Matchmaking Agency for the U.K. and Europe. She is certified by the WANT Institute in Androgynous Semantic Realignment and a Transaction Analysis practitioner certified by the United States America Transaction Analysis Association.