Cupid's Pulse Article: Gaiam Product Review: Stay Fit During Pregnancy with Desi Bartlett!Cupid's Pulse Article: Gaiam Product Review: Stay Fit During Pregnancy with Desi Bartlett!

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By Rebecca White

Learning how to listen to your body is of the utmost importance, especially during pregnancy. While you’re waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive, prenatal yoga will calm your mind, relax you, and build your endurance to prepare you for the journey of motherhood. To help pregnant women everywhere, Gaiam has teamed up with renowned yoga expert Desi Bartlett to create a new workout DVD called Prenatal Yoga Workout with Desi Bartlett. With our product review, find out how you can stay calm throughout your pregnancy and learn some helpful love advice for you and your honey during this time!

Product Review of Prenatal Yoga DVD

Prenatal yoga can be very beneficial for your relationship and love life by keeping you stress-free, fit, and centered. However, it will be even more beneficial for your baby as he grows in your belly. “Prenatal exercise, including prenatal yoga, is associated with more efficient oxygen exchange for the baby as well as less clinical interventions during labor and delivery,” Bartlett shares. “It helps with easier labor and delivery as well as recovery time after birth. A sense of calm, security, and trust in our bodies allows mama to remember that her body was designed for this.”

Bartlett, who has over 20 years of experience and has worked with many celebrities, designed the prenatal yoga workout in two sequences so that women would be able to practice yoga in safe, effective segments while achieving inner tranquility. The first sequence is Strong Mama Yoga Workout, which is perfect for increasing strength and endurance, both of which are needed throughout pregnancy and labor. The second sequence is Cool Mama Sequence, which is a great way to maintain flexibility and connect to a deep sense of center and tranquility. Together, they take just over an hour to complete.

The DVD, which currently sells for $14.98, includes modifications for all three trimesters and allows for adjustments based on energy levels. It also features a warm up and cool down session as well as a Mommy and Me workout for after the baby is born — a quick, six-minute workout designed for new moms to connect with their baby.

Bartlett leaves us with three pieces of advice for staying fit during pregnancy: Don’t forget to breathe; workout for five to ten minutes and see how you feel; and squat! “Enjoy your strength and work with it. If you are feeling more mellow, then allow for that, and take it down a little bit to accommodate your body’s needs that day,” she explains. “If there is a feeling of weakness, extreme fatigue, or nausea, it’s time to stop and consult your medical professional.”

Staying fit during pregnancy won’t just make your labor and delivery easier. It’ll help you bond with your baby and also ensure that you continue to feel sexy for your partner, improving your relationship and love life in amazing ways. You’ll be surrounded by good energy before you meet your newest addition!