Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Game of Crowns’ Reality TV Star Lori-Ann Marchese Shares Love Advice: “You Can’t Expect One Person to Do Absolutely Everything”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Game of Crowns’ Reality TV Star Lori-Ann Marchese Shares Love Advice: “You Can’t Expect One Person to Do Absolutely Everything”

By Jenna Bagcal and Whitney Johnson

Thanks to the popular Bravo show Game of Crowns, fans have been introduced to feisty personal trainer Lori-Ann Marchese. She believes in the concept of fitness by women, for women and proudly shows off the results of her hard work. As viewers know though, there may be a change to her fitness routine if the series is picked up for a second season: “We’re definitely trying to have a baby,” she confirms. “We’re just having fun with it and hoping to get pregnant very soon.” In our exclusive celebrity interview, Marchese shares her fitness expertise and also opens up about her relationship with husband John.

Game of Crowns Star Shares Workout Tips in Exclusive Celebrity Interview

Her personal experience and belief system is what led her to open up Body Construct LLC, a training facility that focuses on the specific health needs of women. “Before I started Body Construct, I actually was training with male trainers, and I just didn’t like how they were training me. They were training me as if they were training themselves,” she explains. “I wanted to share my experience with women because I understand a woman’s body. If you want to look good, you have to eat right. You shouldn’t be taking away carbohydrates from your diet; that’s just not a healthy way of living. You’ll still lose weight and gain muscle with good exercise and by eating your fruits and vegetables.”

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When training her clients, Marchese believes in combining cardiovascular efforts with weights. “With exercise, I usually tell my clients to train three times a week. That’s going to show results, and that’s going to burn the most calories,” she shares.

Of course, she knows that many women find it hard to go to the gym or find time to exercise while having a full-time job and a family, so she always keeps that in mind. “I give my clients an exercise program that’s going to help them burn fat and help them burn it fast,” she says in our exclusive celebrity interview. “You’re pretty much out of breath for that hour in the studio, but that’s all that you need!”  

If you’re like many women and hoping to get fit for bikini season, the beauty pageant queen has three simple tips to consider. First, if you have a hard time focusing and motivating yourself, get into a group training program. Second, eat very clean and fresh. “Stay on the outside of the grocery store. Everything on the inside isn’t good for you because it’s packaged,” she advises.

And third, find something that motivates you. “Whether it’s a new swimsuit, some short shorts, or a tank top, buy it and hang it in the front of your closet,” she shares. “Try it on each week until it fits.”

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Bravo Reality TV Star Lori-Ann Marchese Gives Love Advice

Given her fast-paced life, it’s no surprise that Marchese finds it difficult to make time for her marriage, business, television show, and social life. Still, the reality TV star offers the following love advice: “You and your significant other have to find a middle somewhere. For me and John, I work a lot, and he works a lot, but whoever comes home first cooks that night. You can’t expect one person to do absolutely everything — that’s impossible.”

Although both she and her husband are active, the fitness guru reveals that they don’t usually work out together. “I think it can be motivating to work out with your partner, but for me, when I exercise with my husband, he distracts me. All I want to do is sit on his lap, poke him, or make fun of him!” she says with a laugh.

With that thought in mind, she believes that the best workout partner to have is someone who motivates you without being a distraction. “If you want to stay focused, you need to exercise with a partner who has the same goals,” she shares. “Try to go to the gym or on a run with a girlfriend. That way, you’re both there to work out and do your thing.”

Although they may not head to the gym together, Marchese is incredibly thankful for her husband’s support in other aspects of her life. “He’s there for me every step of the way. He’s my biggest fan, my everything,” she gushes. “He’s the one who keeps me going.”

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So what’s next for the reality TV star? To help her fans achieve their fitness goals, Marchese recently came out with a line of meal replacement shakes. She is also developing a Body Construct workout video system. “It’s going to include four workout DVDs and also have nutrition plans, grocery lists, and an evaluation. Somebody can buy the system, and they’ll have everything they need,” she explains.

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