Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Help Your Friend Move On After a Break-Up With the Bounce Back BoxCupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Help Your Friend Move On After a Break-Up With the Bounce Back Box

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By Shirley Leung

Is your BFF going through a rough break-up? Is she struggling to give away that diamond necklace her ex gave her four years ago? Help her kick her break-up blues goodbye with, a new and innovative way to let go of your past and move on after heartbreak. Getting rid of those things that remind you of your ex is a great piece of love advice, but it’s easier said than done, which is where this site can help. In our product review, discover why is just what your girlfriend needs for a fresh start! It’s the new eBay… but for break-ups.

Product Review: How to Get Over Past Relationships and Love

With the option to buy or sell used items — whether it’s as small as a t-shirt that smells like him or as big as a sparkly engagement ring — users can finally get rid of items that are haunting them. For instance, following a divorce, a ring retailing for 6,000 dollars is being sold for nearly half the price at only 3,400 dollars. Not only does the site help ease people of their woes post-split, but it also acts as a marketplace to score items at awesome deals (or “break-up priced”).

Even without her ex’s “stuff” laying around, a failed relationship and love can be hard to recover from, so the website also includes their Bounce Back Box to make the process easier for your pal. The box includes over 100 dollars worth of items but sells for only 40 dollars. It’s a great gift if you want to support your newly single friend and can be a good complement to all the love advice you’ve been giving her! Your BFF is sure to start feeling fabulous again with several of the pick-me-up items found in the box, including Elizabeth Mott mascara, Buxom lip gloss, Kitsch hair ties, and online dating passes from

Help your friend say “take that!” to her break-up with and the Bounce Back Box, and be prepared to see her smile again!

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