Cupid's Pulse Article: Screwing the Rules Video Dating Advice: 5 Lies Guys Tell on FacebookCupid's Pulse Article: Screwing the Rules Video Dating Advice: 5 Lies Guys Tell on Facebook

By E!’s Famously Single Dating Coach, Laurel House

In this week’s dating advice video, relationship expert and E!’s Famously Single dating coach, Laurel House shares the five most common lies that guys tell on Facebook.

E!’s Famously Single Dating Coach Laurel House Shares Dating Advice for Facebook

1. His relationship status: Be wary of an “undeclared” status. “It means nothing, and it’s the go-to for many guys who are playing the field of this free dating site called Facebook,” she says. She also warns you not to trust a guy who says he’s “single” on his profile; he may keep it that way for business purposes despite being married or in a committed relationship.

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2. Your shared connections: He may have a friend or two in common with you, but remember that he can request anyone to be his friend. Don’t let your common connections give you a false sense of comfort and trust.

3. His age: “Age is one of those hidden facts on Facebook that is revealed on other online dating sites,” the relationship author explains. If you’re unsure, check out his friends, education history, and favorite activities to determine if they all add up and make sense with what he told you.

4. His occupation: It’s easy to use vague titles like CEO, entrepreneur, or producer. “People can assign themselves pretty much any fancy label despite the fact that they have nothing to show for it or back it up,” House shares.

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5. His lifestyle: Don’t completely trust his photos and locations. Instead, ask his specific questions about a particular restaurant, gym, or hotel. After all, he may be strategizing and promoting a lifestyle  that he doesn’t actually live.

Don’t let these common lies scare you off of Facebook. As the dating expert says, “Just like you do in everyday life, be aware of your environment and your surroundings and who you let get close to you. Facebook isn’t a place to drop your guard.”

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