Cupid's Pulse Article: Kelly Osbourne Trashes Ex-Boyfriend Luke WorrallCupid's Pulse Article: Kelly Osbourne Trashes Ex-Boyfriend Luke Worrall

Christmas wasn’t so merry for Kelly Osbourne, thanks to ex-fiance Luke Worrall.   According to Us Weekly, the 26-year old let her ex have it late Monday night via Twitter.  At first, Osbourne kept it cryptic, tweeting: “Just found something out that has hurt my feelings so bad 🙁 and christmas was going so well.”   Later on, she made it clear that since they parted in July, “he has been trying to get back with me, I only came home for Xmas to see him.  Meanwhile, he has been f***ing hundreds of girls…behind my back.”   The E! Fashion Police critic is back in London with her family for the holidays and plans to go “off Twitter for a while.”  Osbourne noted, “Never felt heartbroken like this in my life.”

What things should you keep to yourself in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Kelly Osbourne was so blinded by anger that she got the whole media world involved with her relationship. However, there are many things in a relationship that should just stay between you and your special someone.  Cupid has some examples:

1. Fights: Getting people involved in arguements between you and your partner could be fatal to your relationship.  Whether it’s your friends ganging up on him or his family judging you, tension is bound to build.

2. Love life: Whether your love life is amazing or on the rocks, it’s your love life.  Even if you’re okay with others knowing intimate details, he may not be.  Respect your relationship with your partner by keeping certain details to yourself.

3. Money: If you and your partner are married or living together, money becomes a shared entity.  Many people are sensitive about the amount of money they make, whether they admit it or not.  Keep monetary details on the down-low.