Cupid's Pulse Article: Surprise! Sean Penn Watches ‘The Bachelor’ with Celebrity Love Charlize Theron and Is Team KaitlynCupid's Pulse Article: Surprise! Sean Penn Watches ‘The Bachelor’ with Celebrity Love Charlize Theron and Is Team Kaitlyn

By Katie Gray

What a pleasant surprise! Actors and celebrity couple Sean Penn and Charlize Theron, watch The Bachelor together! Penn announced this great revelation during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. According to, he said, “We argue about whether or not we should fast [forward],” he revealed. “I don’t really want to hear the conversations, I want to know the decisions. You can decide on this one or this one. And I want to see somebody cry. And then see somebody get ecstatic and then see them cry.” Also, apparently Sean Penn was Team Kaitlyn on the most recent season! This celebrity love is a true one for sure.

Who knew that Sean Penn watched The Bachelor? What are some out of character things you can do to show you care?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you genuinely love someone, it’s important to remind them that you care. Whether it’s done verbally or through small acts of kindness, it will all be touching to your partner:

1. Romance: It’s imperative to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Cook your partner his or her favorite dinner, write a love letter, offer a massage, and treat them to their favorite things. Think about what will make them happy, no matter how minor it may seem, and bring that into your relationship and love.

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2. Adventure: Take a ride on the wild side! Plan weekend getaways and take vacations. Exploring is a great way to bond and get to know your partner even better. Try things that they enjoy and take part in activities that they like.

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3.  Sentiment: It’s always the thought that counts! Feel free to get your partner things that serve as little reminders of your time spent together. Whether that is listening to a certain song that is special to you both or eating the same type of food from a particularly memorable date. Give them photographs or make a scrapbook so that you can both relish in the beautiful memories.

What are ways you have showed your partner you care? Share your stories with us below!