Cupid's Pulse Article: Penn Badgley Says Celebrity Ex Blake Lively Was Best and Worst On-Screen KissCupid's Pulse Article: Penn Badgley Says Celebrity Ex Blake Lively Was Best and Worst On-Screen Kiss

By Maggie Manfredi

Pucker up Penn! According to, Penn Badgley dished the details on his on and off screen romance with celebrity ex Blake Lively during their run on Gossip Girl. A viewer called in to Watch What Happens Live and asked who was his best and worst on-screen kiss, and the actor had an interesting response with regards to his celebrity ex. Badgley said, “I’d say best…I’ll say it was Blake, because we actually had a relationship at the time. As for his worst? Maybe Blake after we broke up.” The former famous couple had a real life relationship and love from 2007 to 2010. Lively is now a mother and married to Ryan Reynolds.

Sometimes celebrity exes have to work together after a break-up. What are some ways to take the awkwardness out of working with an ex?

There is a reason why there’s an old saying “don’t dip your pen in the company ink.” Some say it is unprofessional, Cupid says this rule is more to save yourself from the awkwardness of working with an ex. But fear not if you broke this rule, Cupid has some tips on how to move forward:

Cupid’s Advice: 

1. Talk about it: You were lovers but you are still co-workers, so now what? You have to talk about the steps forward. Make sure you understand how you will handle telling your co-workers or boss depending on who knows. Talk through how your day-to-day will change and how you will treat each other in the office. Put it all out on the table so there is no confusion or discomfort.

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2. Keep it professional: Don’t bring your break up drama into the office! Lively and Badgley seemed to have handled their situation with maturity and grace. They remained amicable and you can too. Don’t get your co-workers involved in the relationship and keep any arguments or personal discussions for your own time.

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3. Work even harder: Take this situation and spin it into a positive! Throw yourself into your work and make a commitment to being better and stronger in the work place as an individual and a professional. It will help take your mind off of the recent break up and it will feel good.

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