Cupid's Pulse Article: Ashlee Simpson Enjoys Celebrity Pregnancy Via Beach Massage from Husband Evan RossCupid's Pulse Article: Ashlee Simpson Enjoys Celebrity Pregnancy Via Beach Massage from Husband Evan Ross

By Maggie Manfredi

Celebrity pregnancy in paradise! According to, famous couple Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are enjoying the Hawaii heat before their baby girl’s arrival. Simpson rocked a leopard-print bikini, with her baby bump on full display. Her hubby was spotted giving the mommy-to-be a sweet belly rub. This celebrity couple can’t wait for their first baby together and to grow their family. It will be Ashlee Simpson’s second child after Bronx, her first child with ex-husband Pete Wentz. Bronx is ready and willing to take on the roll of big brother.

Ashlee Simpson appears to be having an amazing celebrity pregnancy.  What are some nice ways a  partner can help you feel more comfortable during pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though only one person carries the majority of the load during the pregnancy, the partner’s role is just as important. Here are some tips on how a partner can support their love during pregnancy:

1. Comfort is key: Like Evan Ross, make an effort to make your partner feel good. Whether that be a nice massage or giving them the opportunity to rest through out the day. They are lucky to have you there for them during the 9 months of discomfort, make your presence known with little acts of kindness.

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2. Help with planning: While your love is dealing with big body changes and emotional highs and lows you can take on the role of organizer. Make sure there is a plan for the big day. Have a bag packed with the essentials and transportation taken care of. There is nothing wrong with over-preparedness.

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3. Just be there: I think you would be surprised by how much simply being there will help. Cupid understands there is work and friends and other elements of day-to-day life that get in the way. But there is no shame in taking a little time for yourselves, like Simpson and Ross, take a little getaway trip before the baby arrives and enjoy the peacefulness together.

let the baby naming begin! Give us your ideas for names for Bronx’s half-sister to be!