Cupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice Q&A: Is It Weird That My Man Always Texts Instead of Calling?Cupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice Q&A: Is It Weird That My Man Always Texts Instead of Calling?

Question from Elissa B.: I’ve been seeing this guy for a few months now, and anytime we’re not together, he always texts me and never calls. Whether he’s seeing how my day is going or we’re trying to arrange our plans for the weekend, he only texts. What does this behavior say about our relationship and about him?

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Love Advice: What to Do If a Guy Only Texts

Suzanne K. Oshima, Matchmaker: Thanks to the ever-present use of technology, unfortunately, texting has become the norm with the way a lot of people communicate. That being said, it doesn’t make it acceptable that he communicates with you solely in this manner. The issue is you’ve already set the standard for what’s an acceptable way to reach out to you.  So it’s going to be harder to break him of this habit…but it’s clearly not impossible!

Next time, he texts you to plan a date, reply with something like, “Great! I’m tied up right now, so give me a call later and we can make a plan.” Or if you’re so bold, instead of texting him back, you can just pick up the phone and call him. It may take a few tries to get him on the phone, but don’t give up!

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Paige Wyatt, Reality Star: Most guys prefer to send a text rather than pick up the phone and talk. Women like to chat, but men want to get straight to the point. In that case, it’s about his personal preference and isn’t a reflection of your relationship or his feelings for you.

If he doesn’t answer your calls though, that’s a different story. There’s a chance he’s just busy. However, if he immediately send you a text with some strange excuse about why he can’t call, that’s a red flag. Be honest with him about your feelings and just tell him it would mean a lot to you if he’d call you every once a while. Give him the chance to explain himself, but if it seems fishy, he might not be a very honest guy — and definitely not the guy for you.

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Robert Manni, Guy’s Guy: When it comes to dating, technology can be our friend or foe. Sure, a guy can score dates while sitting at home in his tighty-whiteys. While this man’s over-reliance on texting is expedient, it lacks intimacy — and that’s a real issue. Maybe he’s busy, but don’t let his dependence on texting dominant the relationship’s lines of communication. You’re worth more than that. To build a relationship, men and women have to be at their best, and that means communicating in a real way. Follow this love advice: Insist that he calls the next time he wants to see you and be willing to stick to your guns if he falls back into this lazy behavior.

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