Cupid's Pulse Article: Lena Dunham Puts Off Celebrity Wedding in Support of Marriage EqualityCupid's Pulse Article: Lena Dunham Puts Off Celebrity Wedding in Support of Marriage Equality

By Jenna Bagcal

Wedding bells won’t be ringing anytime soon for this famous couple. In the latest celebrity news, Girls Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff from the band Fun have decided to postpone their wedding until, she says, “Everyone can get married in all 50 States.” According to, during her appearance on Ellen, Dunham said that a celebrity marriage would not be taking place until everyone in the United States had marriage equality.

Lena and Jack are holding off on their celebrity wedding. What are three other reasons people delay their big day?

Cupid’s Advice: 

When you’re in love, getting married may be at the top of your list of priorities. But sometimes, like with famous couple Lena and Jack, weddings are postponed for a good reason. Cupid shares three reasons why you might put a hold on upcoming wedding plans:

1. You feel like you don’t fully know your partner: Whether you’ve been in a relationship and love with your partner for nine months or nine years, people say that you’ll know when the right time is for you to get married. While that may be true, and while you may be deeply in love, there are always new things to discover about your significant other. Before you tie the knot, make sure that you have taken a sufficient amount of time to get to know the ins and outs of your partner to ensure that you are prepared for this lifelong commitment.

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2. You and your partner are not yet financially stable: Before you get married, making sure that you have enough money saved to build your life together is an important factor to consider. If you find yourself struggling financially and living paycheck to paycheck, you might want to consider postponing your nuptials. Ensuring that you have financial stability will lead to a stable marriage for you and your partner.

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3. You and your partner are not on the same page: Before you say “I do,” make sure that you and your significant other are on the same page. That includes topics such as, whether you want children, what your priorities are when it comes to having a career, or where you want to live when starting your lives together. If you and your significant other cannot agree on such serious topics, you two are not on the same page.

What are some reasons that you would put a hold on your big day? Share with us below!