Cupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Celebrity Interview: ‘Bachelorette’ Couple Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum Are Divided on Who Will Win Chris Soules’s Heart!Cupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Celebrity Interview: ‘Bachelorette’ Couple Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum Are Divided on Who Will Win Chris Soules’s Heart!

Interviewed by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Meranda Yslas.

The relationship between J.P. and Ashley Rosenbaum is a celebrity love story come true. This famous couple met on The Bachelorette season 7, and since then, they’ve gotten married and welcomed a new addition to their family, son Fordham (Ford) Rhys. The adorable pair, who recently moved to Miami, are getting the hang of being first-time parents and opened up about their experiences as a family of three in our exclusive celebrity interview. Plus, we found out they’re a house divided when it comes to this season of The Bachelor!

‘Bachelorette’ Celebrity Couple Talks About Life as New Parents

Raising a baby — whether it’s for the first time or the fifth time — is by no means easy, but for the celebrity couple, Ford has been a blessing. “He’s a model angel baby,” the proud dad shares. So far, there haven’t been any big moments that the duo couldn’t handle, but like any first-time parents, J.P. admits that they “just roll with the punches!”

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At just five months old, Ford is already making huge progress in his development. “He rolls over and sits up. Of course, we have to put pillows around him, but he can sit up for a pretty extended period of time,” Ashley gushes. “He’s grabbing at things; he’s eating semi-solid foods right now; and he’s taking the packaging, putting it into his mouth, and trying to feed himself. It’s a pretty exciting time right now!”

The celebrity mom has a prediction for an upcoming milestone in her son’s life too: She thinks Ford’s first word will be “Boo.” She elaborates, “That’s our dog’s name, and he’s always hearing us say ‘Boo,’ so we’re pretty sure that’s what he’s going to say first.”

Like most dads, J.P. is excited for his son to follow in his footsteps and play sports someday. “I grew up playing basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and baseball, so we’re going to let him try out everything,” the former Bachelorette contestant shares. Noticing that Ford has been using his left hand more frequently, he adds, “We think he may be a lefty, so he may have an advantage as a pitcher. We’re definitely going to get a baseball in his hand pretty early.”

Now that Ford is a little bit older, the celebrity couple is feeling more comfortable with other people watching him so that they can have some alone time. “Ashley is going back to work soon, and we just hired a nanny about two weeks ago. We’re easing into the ‘leaving him with somebody else’ phase so that we can go on date nights,” J.P. reveals. “We’re almost there!”

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A few months before their son was born, the reality TV stars packed their bags and headed south. Fortunately, the move to Florida was a great choice for them. “I don’t see us going back to New York. We’ve only been down here for about eight months, but we love it,” J.P. shares.

Lucky for them, the winter in Miami hasn’t been too severe, but just in case it gets blustery, the famous couple partnered with Puffs to make sure they’re prepared. “We thought it was a cool partnership. We’re just promoting staying healthy and putting your best face forward throughout the winter, Ashley explains in our exclusive celebrity interview. “What we love about Puffs is that it’s a campaign to promote taking care of yourself and providing comfort to you during cold and flu season, especially with such a harsh one this year,”

Being that The Bachelorette season 7 stars have some experience under their belts, talk of another baby has come up. “I had so much fun. I had a great pregnancy. I really, really enjoyed just having a baby and him being born,” the new mom says. “So who knows! Maybe we’ll go for a third, but right now, we’re really thinking two.”

J.P. and Ashley Rosenbaum on Chris Soules and The Bachelor Season 19

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Given their celebrity love story, it’s no surprise that they enjoy watching The Bachelor together. With the finale of Chris Soules’s journey tonight, we had to ask their thoughts on the remaining two ladies. The former Bachelorette is Team Becca. “I love both Whitney and Becca, but personally, I think Becca would be better for Chris,” she reveals. “I feel like she is more genuine. She hasn’t had a lot of love in her life, and she moves a little bit slowly, but I feel like there can potentially be a more real relationship between then.”

J.P. disagrees. “I’m on the other side. I think his relationship with Whitney has progressed so much more than his relationship with Becca. I think he would be leaning more towards Whitney,” he shares.

When it comes to the next season of The Bachelorette, the famous couple agree that ousted contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe is the best pick. “We like Kaitlyn a lot,” Ashley says. “She seems like a cool chick. She’s got a little edge to her, so we like that.”

J.P. adds, “She’s funny too. I think she’d make a good Bachelorette.”

You can keep up with the cute couple on Twitter @ashhebert and @JP_Rosenbaum. Be sure to tune in for The Bachelor season 19 finale tonight on ABC at 8/7c!