Cupid's Pulse Article: What to Do When Religion Conflicts In Your Relationships and Love LifeCupid's Pulse Article: What to Do When Religion Conflicts In Your Relationships and Love Life

By Molly Jacob

In our modern world, interfaith couples are becoming increasingly common. That being said, for some people, dating someone of another religion may be a deal-breaker just because religion is such a huge part of their identity.

If you’re willing to work with your partner to find a balance between your religious views and your relationship and love life, Cupid has relationship advice for you!

1. Educate each other: It’s always good love advice to get to know all about your partner during your relationship and love life, but what about their religious background? Tell each other a little about the beliefs, traditions, and meanings of your religion, and you’ll begin to understand each other’s perspective. Do some research on your own, too, so you can understand where your sweetheart comes from. As with anything involving relationships and love, better understanding of one other can lead to a stronger relationship. It also shows you care.

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 2. Attend services: Dating someone of a different faith can be difficult during the holidays, but you can make it easier if you attend each other’s important religious services! Not only will you be showing support by attending a service at a church, mosque, synagogue, or wherever your significant other may worship, you can also continue to educate yourself about his or her religion. This also can appease potentially disapproving in-laws. Getting your significant other’s parents to like you is always great relationship advice, but some may be wary of their son or daughter dating someone of a different religion. By attending a service of your honey’s faith, you can show that you’re both supportive of him or her and interested in learning more about their religion.

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 3. Find shared values: While religion may not have been the factor that brought you two together in the first place, you two may have more in common than you think. You may realize that there are certain values or even beliefs that you two share, even if you come from different religious backgrounds. These might include love, loyalty, and honesty. Love advice: when you two encounter rough times in your relationship, reflect on what you two share, not how you two differ. This will bring you two closer together and help you resolve your relationship problems.

Do you have any other relationship advice for people in interfaith relationships? Share in the comments section below!