Cupid's Pulse Article: Is Wiz Khalifa Bashing Celebrity Ex Amber Rose in New Song?Cupid's Pulse Article: Is Wiz Khalifa Bashing Celebrity Ex Amber Rose in New Song?

By Meranda Yslas

Amber Rose has been in the center of the latest celebrity news, especially in the social media world, and now it seems she’s caught the attention of her celebrity ex Wiz Khalifa. According to, Khalifa’s verse in Juicy J’s new song “For Everybody” seems to reference Rose and her previous job as a stripper. Rose filed for a celebrity divorce claiming that Khalifa had cheated on her when they were together. Khalifa denied these claims.

Khalifa and celebrity ex Rose have been going through a heated break-up. What are some ways to use music to cope with your split?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Although not all break-ups are as bad as the split between celebrity exes Khalifa and Roses, they are still never fun and can leave you feeling down. Thankfully there are some remedies to make this heartache a little easier to handle:

1. Create a playlist that makes you want to dance: Find your favorite upbeat, happy songs that you cannot help but nod your head to or shake your foot when they come on. Putting this playlist on shuffle when you’re going about your daily routine like cleaning the house or going to work will help change your mood.

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2. Listen to sad break-up songs, but with a friend: Studies have showed that although wallowing in self-pity won’t speed up the recovery process, talking about the break-up does. Jamming out to Taylor Swift classics while venting to a friend can lessen the initial sting of the split.

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3. Use music to bring back happier memories: Nothing is better at bringing back the “good ol’ days” quite like listening to music you did when you were younger. Search online and find the top 40 list from your high school years and get lost reminiscing about dances and football games.

What is your go to break-up song? Share below!