Cupid's Pulse Article: Tasha Smith Gets Married at HomeCupid's Pulse Article: Tasha Smith Gets Married at Home

Every little girl has dreams of a big fancy wedding when she grows up, right?   Not necessarily!   For Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas, exchanging vows in the living room of their Los Angeles home was a dream come true.  “We decided to hold a very simple, intimate ceremony with just us and our pastor,” the 39-year-old actress tells Essence.  According to People, the newlyweds announced their engagement six months ago.   Now back from her Las Vegas honeymoon, Smith says, “It was a beautiful, blessed moment that we will remember forever.”

How do you make a wedding at home romantic?

Cupid’s Advice:

Many couples would love a wedding like Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas, but they aren’t sure how to make it special.  Cupid has a few ways to make a wedding at home special:

1. Live music: Since you’re saving so much money on a venue, why not spend some of it on a band?  There’s nothing more romantic than walking down the staircase to the sound of soothing instruments in the other room.   Then after the ceremony, have them play your favorite requests while you dance the night away with your new spouse.

2. Decorate: Decorations can turn any ordinary room into a fancy hall.  A few fancy chairs, tables with center pieces and some pretty flowers can help aid with the transformation.

3. Try outside: Having a wedding at home doesn’t actually limit you to the inside of your house.  If it’s nice day, why not say “I do” in the beautiful summer breeze or over your newly green lawn covered in spring flowers? Don’t forget, your backyard is part of your home, too.