Cupid's Pulse Article: Nick JonasCupid's Pulse Article: Nick Jonas

Starting his career as a tween sensation alongside brothers Kevin and Joe in the pop-rock band The Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas has transformed into quite a sexy heartthrob. The Dallas native, born on September 16, 1992, was brought into a family of musicians, including his siblings and their father Paul. Thanks to their good boy images, the trio of brothers grabbed the hearts of millions of girls of all ages around the world. “Burning Up” the nation with their tour in 2008, the boys quickly rose to stardom. Making an appearance in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam with Demi Lovato, Jonas maintained the reputation of every girl’s dream guy. Among other television appearances, he also starred on the Disney show Jonas L.A. alongside his brothers. In addition to his entertainment career, Nick Jonas has a big heart for philanthropy. As someone who has Type 1 Diabetes, he is a strong advocate for the disease and uses his personal experience to bring awareness to others. Singer, actor, and philanthropist — can you say swoon?

The three boys have also been known for their strong religious beliefs and the purity rings that (used to) rest on their fingers. The youngest JoBro hasn’t let that ring stop him from looking for a relationship and love in Hollywood though. Staying within the Disney family, his first celebrity relationship was with Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus for over a year before moving on to another Disney star and former pal of Cyrus, Selena Gomez. After their celebrity break-up, he dated the gorgeous Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo. The famous couple called it quits in June 2015.

Breaking away from the boy band that started it all, he has recently been recording music as a successful solo artist. He’s also been seen scantily clad in his Calvin Klein underwear, and girls can’t stop staring. Who could blame them though? Hopefully, his girlfriend isn’t too “Jealous!”

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