Cupid's Pulse Article: Carmen Milian Talks Reality TV Show and Dating Advice in Exclusive Celebrity Interview: “Love Can Conquer All”Cupid's Pulse Article: Carmen Milian Talks Reality TV Show and Dating Advice in Exclusive Celebrity Interview: “Love Can Conquer All”

By Sarah Batcheller

The encouraging, protective, all-powerful role of momager is becoming ever more prominent in the most glamorous celebrity families, and Carmen Milian is no exception to the population of fabulous moms taking over the entertainment industry. Mother to singer and actress Christina, hairstylist Danielle (who just announced that her third celebrity baby is on the way!), and chef Lizzy, the family matriarch has a lot of fame on her plate, as seen on the hit reality TV show Christina Milian Turned Up. Milian is not only a successful businesswomen; she happily raised her three equally-successful daughters following her divorce. In this exclusive celebrity interview, the celebrity mom describes life and love under her roof.

Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Reality TV Star Carmen Milian

Milian reveals that filming their reality TV show was a good experience for her family. “It actually brought us closer,” she explains. “We worked out some underlying issues throughout filming that we were able to resolve, and I think we came out better in the end by finally dealing with them.”

The mother of three also had a lot of favorite moments, but unfortunately, many of them won’t be seen by audiences. “There were a lot of beautiful scenes that we shot that they didn’t use. The footage showed us joking around and being silly or even a lot more lovable. I wish people could have seen that,” she says. “We also filmed an episode for Viva Diva Wines, which Christina and I own along with our partner Robyn Santiago. It was a charity event that we supported, and our wines were such a great hit!”

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In regard to her high-profile business venture with her daughter, Milian makes it sound like a match made in heaven. “I love being Christina’s partner!” she gushes. “I feel like we understand and respect each other’s roles now better then ever. We work better side-by-side than when I work for her.” She then adds, “Our relationship has remained pretty much the same. The partnership is based on the same work ethic and trust that we’ve always had.”

The entrepreneur likes to add a familial aspect to everything she does. Even while working, her children and grandchildren are at the forefront of her mind. Making it sound easy, she divulges her secret to balancing it all: “My grandkids are team players. They know that sometimes they have to be quiet while I’m on a business call, but they don’t mind because those calls usually come while I’m in Toys “R” Us, at the park, or at Chuck E. Cheese. I spoil them plenty, so they are fine with me working while we play. I try not to text or email during my time with them though because I don’t want them to feel ignored. “

Celebrity Mom Shares Dating and Relationship Advice

Milian is looking forward to this year, as she intends to make it a noteworthy one in terms of her relationship and love life. She believes that this is her time, saying, “The truth is that I used to date back in the day after my divorce, but it’s been a while. Dating is the one thing I wish I would’ve taken more time for in the past, but it’s never too late, and that is my intention in 2015.”

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She also has some dating and relationship advice for other single mothers looking for someone special. “Be open to it,” she insists in our exclusive celebrity interview. “Date as many frogs as you like, but only introduce your kids to a few princes. Hopefully, one of them will turn out to be your king!”

When it comes to the season finale of Christina Milian Turned Up, which airs this Sunday, Mar. 1, viewers have a lot to look forward to. “They are definitely going to see our worst sides at the beginning of the episode. They’ll see that my family is in no way perfect,” she candidly shares. “But at the end, everyone will see how we work through our issues and that love can conquer all.”

The reality TV star reassures fans that the closing of the first season of Christina Milian Turned Up doesn’t bring a halt to the family’s success. Christina will be dropping a hit single next week and is appearing in the Hulu series titled East Los High; Danielle is an avid blogger for Latina Magazine and has a line of hair extensions in the works; and Lizzy is a private chef and has just begun writing for Latin Kitchen.

Catch Carmen on the exciting season finale of Christina Milian Turned Up on E! this Sunday, Mar. 1 at 10/9c!