Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Reunite at the OscarsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Reunite at the Oscars

By Rebecca White

Oscars buzz is beginning to die down, but of course, there is even more celebrity news and gossip that is making headlines. According to, celebrity exes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reunited at the awards show during one of the commercial breaks, playfully joking around. We were all heartbroken when the famous couple had their celebrity break-up in 2004, but there’s no need to worry: They’ve kept in touch via email for the last decade. If only all splits were this civil!

It can be awkward for celebrity exes when they see one another again. How can you remain civil if you bump into your former flame?

Cupid’s Advice:

Running in to an old flame may be awkward — but not for celebrity exes Affleck and Lopez. Try to model your uncomfortable experience after this Hollywood couple, and you’ll be keeping in touch just like they do without any hard feelings.

1. Bring a friend: In the first few years after the relationship ends, it may be smart to bring a friend with you when you know you’re going to interact with your ex. Having a wing woman or wing man will help you refocus the conversation if things turn sour.

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2. Don’t compete: After a break-up, people often feel the need to compete with one another, bringing dates to parties and going places just to show your ex how happy you are. Don’t use your relationship and love life as a competition; it will only leave you feeling upset and emotionally exhausted.

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3. Leave the past in the past: This is one of the best ways to remain civil with an ex. Focus all conversation on the present and the future: what you’ve been up to, how your family is, etc. That way, past feelings will be left in the past for both exes.

How do you remain civil with your ex? Comment below!