Cupid's Pulse Article: Natalie Portman is Engaged and PregnantCupid's Pulse Article: Natalie Portman is Engaged and Pregnant

Natalie Portman has more to celebrate than her Golden Globe nomination.  The actress is engaged to choregrapher, Benjamin Millepied, and they are expecting their first child, according to People.  The pair met during the production of the Darren Aronofsky’s ballet thriller Black Swan, where Millepied acted as a choreographer and one of Portman’s co-stars.  The couple is excited for their first child who is due in 2011.

Is it OK to date your coworkers?

Cupid’s Advice:

While there are some people who won’t mix business with pleasure, others don’t see a problem with it.  Before making a decision, Cupid has some things to consider:

1. Expressing feelings: Don’t jump into things too quickly.  Make sure that your attraction is mutual so that you don’t end up making things awkward in the workplace.

2. Don’t violate company policy: Some companies discourage relationships among employees while others are more tolerant of it.  Find out what the dating policy in your company is beginning a relationship with your coworker.

3. Be serious: Make sure you are both serious about being in a relationship.  If you know that it’s just going to be a short-term fling, it might be awkward for both of you to work together afterward.