Cupid's Pulse Article: Their Lips are Sealed: 5 Celebrity Couples That Kept a SecretCupid's Pulse Article: Their Lips are Sealed: 5 Celebrity Couples That Kept a Secret

by Molly Jacob

What’s juicier than a best kept secret? Sometimes we like to keep things to ourselves, and celebrities are no different. With all the celebrity gossip that follows anything anyone famous does, we don’t blame people in Hollywood relationships who like to keep their lips sealed.

From secret baby daddies to secret weddings, see what celebrity couples have kept a secret!

 1. Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan: The One Tree Hill star not only managed to keep her relationship with Grey’s Anatomy actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan a secret, but also a baby bump! Burton and Morgan’s relationship apparently moved along very quickly in 2009, so no one knew they were together (but this celebrity couple has stayed together ever since). Because she managed to avoid the spotlight after finding out she was pregnant, fans were shocked to find out she was expecting. In March 2010, she gave birth to their son, Augustus. She continued to be tight-lipped about the birth and name of her son until months later, even as the celebrity gossip swirled around them.

 2. Leighton Meester and Adam Brody: These two lovebirds kept their romance a secret! A source revealed in February 2013 that the two were dating, and they had been close ever since working together in 2011 on the set of the film The Oranges. In November 2013, a source confirmed that the duo had gotten secretly married. This news came out only three months after their engagement went public, something else they were super secretive about. Being in a Hollywood relationship often comes with a lot of gossip and speculation, so these two probably wanted to keep their relationship as drama-free as possible.

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 3. Jude Law and Samantha Burke: Although these two aren’t a celebrity couple anymore, this duo kept a secret back in 2008. Law, known for his scandalous affairs, had a secret, brief fling with model and aspiring actress Samantha Burke. She found out she was pregnant soon after, and conducted a DNA test to determine that Law was the father. Burke gave birth to Sophia, their baby girl, in September of 2009. Although he is no longer in their lives, Law did make a statement in 2009 that he would be supportive of both mother and daughter.

 4. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: This Hollywood relationship also seemingly came out of somewhere. Reynolds and Lively married at a secret and private wedding ceremony in 2012 even before publicly confirming their relationship or announcing an engagement. Even more interesting: this was not Reynolds’ first secret wedding. He and Scarlet Johansson got married in secret at a Canadian resort in 2008.

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 5. Alison Brie and Dave Franco: The 21 Jump Street star and Mad Men actress also apparently like to keep their love from any celebrity gossip mills. Everyone was shocked to find out last spring that the two had been dating for two years. While Neighbors fans all over the world received this news with heartbreaking despair, others were surprised they had kept their relationship under wraps for so long.

What other celebrity couples do you know that have kept a secret? Share below!