Cupid's Pulse Article: Meet the 30 Contestants for ‘The Bachelor’ Season 15Cupid's Pulse Article: Meet the 30 Contestants for ‘The Bachelor’ Season 15

By Krissy Dolor

Now that you’ve read all about Brad Womack, we know you’re dying to meet the ladies that will compete for his heart in this season of ABC’s The Bachelor.  Despite the intense backlash, Womack is back.  And while there are no cheerleaders, like Jenni Croft, or real estate agents, like DeAnna Pappas, there is a Radio City Rockette and a real estate broker.  Here’s a brief rundown of the women in store for the season 11 heartbreaker:

Median age: 27

– 7 blondes
– 16 brunettes
– 6 brunettes posing as blondes
– 1 strawberry blonde bordering redhead
– 2 nannys
– 2 teachers
– 25 tattoos
– 3 tramp stamps
– 2 Ashleys
– 2 Lisas
– 2 Sarahs
– 1 “J” (does she think this is the Jersey Shore?)
– 1 manscaper (what a profession!)

Lots of the girls love the Fourth of July (fireworks, anyone?) and Halloween.  A bunch like to drink Diet Coke (watching their figures?).  More than half have pets.  Four women are from California, three are from Washington and Florida, and two are from Colorado and Texas.  These are your contestants from New York and New Jersey.  And everyone swears they’re a romantic.

But does this mean the public dumper will find love the second time around?

Many of them look like the beauty pageant variety, but who knows if their in-house demeanor will match their picture-perfect head shots – or be a fit for Womack’s finicky heart.  It’s too early to call the shots on these ladies, but only a few more days until we get to see who makes the first cut!

Want more on these gals (or just want to nitpick)?  Follow Cupid and check out ABC’s in-depth look here.  Think 30 bachelorettes are too much to remember?  Download ABC’s Cheat Sheet (Cupid will, too!) and stay on top of your game.  And be sure to come back next week for our first recap of this season’s premiere on Monday, Jan. 3rd at 8 PM/7 PM Central Time.