Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview & Giveaway: Florist David Goldstein Says to “Go the Traditional Route” for Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview & Giveaway: Florist David Goldstein Says to “Go the Traditional Route” for Valentine’s Day

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By Shannon Seibert

Named by Entrepreneur as a Top 5 Silicon Beach Startup to Watch, BloomNation caters to an exclusive and extensive clientele. The florists create and sell unique and hand-crafted original designs. More specifically, My Beverly Hills Florist, owned by celebrity florist David Goldstein, guarantees arrangements that stay away from the cliche, cookie cutter options.  In 2004, he opened his floral studios in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, and since then, he has catered to some big names in Hollywood, including Dennis Quaid, Russell Simmons, and OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network). Business flourished due to his European flair, contemporary trends, and stunning style of floral expressions for all occasions and affairs. In our celebrity interview, Goldstein shares his best dating advice and offered his expertise to ensure that your relationships and love thrive on Valentine’s Day!

Florist Shares Dating Advice in Celebrity Interview

During the season of love, the floral industry is quite busy! There are a lot of criteria to consider when choosing what flowers to purchase, but there’s one major focal point according to Goldstein. “People know about color,” he says. “They know about reds, hot pinks, purples, and all of the other passionate colors. These are the colors of flowers that people are most likely to pick.”  For first dates, people tend to stick to light pinks and softer colors since they’re generally safer. “And for new relationships, I would go for hot pinks, specifically peonies,” the floral expert advises.

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For Valentine’s Day, though, he recommends a time-honored flower: “Roses are very common, but they are always classy. The holiday is all about love , so I would definitely go the traditional route,” he says.

If you’re still struggling with making a decision, Goldstein encourages you to consider your loved one’s personality and tastes. “Every flower, in my opinion, is beautiful, but everyone is different,” he shares. “English garden roses are definitely my favorite because they’re really hard to get your hands on.”

The florist agrees that flowers are the go-to gift for women, but this begs the most important question of this celebrity interview: Do men want to receive flowers too? Goldstein thinks so! “Calalillies and darker colors are very manly,” he reveals.

No matter what, go with your gut when selecting the perfect arrangement for your love. “Stay away from daisies and carnations,” he says. “Otherwise, you can pick out any flower you want, and it will be appreciated.”

What Flowers Do Celebrities Prefer?

Being centered in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills has its perks, thanks to the many famous residents! This florist has covered a wide variety of events from celebrity weddings to baby showers, and some are more unusual than others. “I did the wedding for George Pajon Jr. of the Black Eyed Peas in Mexico,” he excitedly reveals. “It was right after Valentine’s Day, and we did thousands of red roses inside a cave!”

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It’s no surprise that Goldstein prefers the one-of-a-kind events to the more traditional ones. “Large events are fun, but I personally like more unique occasions, like intimate parties,” he explains. His newest project is for nearly 100 celebrities in the music and modeling industries. “Naomi Campbell might show up, and maybe Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian too,” he says about the super-exclusive event.

So what flowers do celebrities enjoy most? “They do a lot of white flowers, like gardenias, orchids, casablanca lilies, and peonies, which are rare,” he shares. “We have a couple of celebrities who just don’t do roses.”

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