Cupid's Pulse Article: Christina Ricci Says Robert Pattinson is a Good KisserCupid's Pulse Article: Christina Ricci Says Robert Pattinson is a Good Kisser

Uh oh, should Kristin Stewart be worried?  According to Us Weekly, Christina Ricci and Rob Pattinson locked lips for their upcoming movie Bel Ami, and Ricci liked it.  The actress confessed, “He’s a good kisser,” but the smooching was purely professional.  She went on to say, “He’s a lovely human being also, he reminded me of my best friend’s little brothers growing up.  He’s just a silly, fun guy; we laughed a lot.  He makes fun of himself all the time; he’s adorable…”  Luckily, it seems like Stewart has nothing to worry about.

Why is the first kiss in a relationship so important?

Cupid’s Advice:

There are a lot of firsts in a new relationship.  Cupid has some reasons that the first kiss is particularly important:

1.  Connection: As much as you may like your new potential partner, the first kiss says a lot about your chemistry.  Either the connection is there or it isn’t, and most of the time it’s not something you can force.

2. Kissing style: The truth is, you’ve both probably kissed other people before, which means you have your own way of doing it.  If your smooching techniques don’t match, it could be a turn off!

3. Aftermath: Most of us think about “the first kiss” hours after it’s over.  If you’re really unhappy with it, it may be a deal breaker.