Cupid's Pulse Article: Shania Twain and Frédéric Thiébaud Are EngagedCupid's Pulse Article: Shania Twain and Frédéric Thiébaud Are Engaged

Shania Twain is once again feeling like a woman, according to People.  After going through a painful divorce in 2008, the country singer is now happily engaged to Swiss executive Frédéric Thiébaud, and she has a three-carat diamond ring to prove it.  Ironically, their relationship began when Twain’s ex-husband, music producer Robert “Mutt” Lange, left her for her now fiancé’s former wife, Marie-Anne.  It looks like these two couples pulled a switch, but everyone involved seems happy with the results.  According to a close source, “Shania and Fred are a couple that fit together.”

Is it OK to date your ex’s new partner’s ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

Pulling such a switch is a little strange and unconventional, but that doesn’t make it wrong.  Cupid has a few tips on how to best handle the situation:

1. Be respectful: If you and your partner end up pulling the ultimate switch, always be respectful of and happy for your ex.

2. Enjoy life with your new partner: Regardless of the circumstances of how you connected with your current love, remember how lucky you are to finally have found true love.

3. Ignore the critics: Some may judge you for dating your ex’s partner, but as long as you’re happy, it’is none of their business.