Cupid's Pulse Article: Actress Joely Fisher on Her Celebrity Marriage: “It’s Work, But I Don’t Feel Like It Doesn’t Have Its Rewards”Cupid's Pulse Article: Actress Joely Fisher on Her Celebrity Marriage: “It’s Work, But I Don’t Feel Like It Doesn’t Have Its Rewards”

By Katie Gray

Joely Fisher is perhaps best known for playing Paige Clark on the television series Ellen and Joy Stark on ‘Til Death. She’s also been on Broadway in Grease and Cabaret and had a recurring role on the popular ABC show Desperate Housewives. Acting isn’t her only passion though: She serves as an ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), which recently debuted the PROTECT PSA campaign that was conceived, directed, and edited by the talented star herself. It features notable Hollywood personalities — including Amber Valletta, Melissa Rivers, Denise Richards, Brian Austin Green and Joshua Bowman — discussing the pressing issues facing animals around the world and are calling upon the public to take action for animals. “I’m an animal lover,” she says.

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Joely Fisher Talks PROTECT PSA Campaign in Exclusive Celebrity Interview

The actress, who currently has a recurring role on Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing, describes her initial encounter with IFAW as “love at first lecture. I fell in love with these people and their commitment.” One of the primary goals of the organization, which was founded in 1969, is to inform the world about the realities of endangered exotic species. “A lot of people don’t realize that piano keys, chess pieces, and billiard balls are historically ivory,” she explains in our exclusive celebrity interview. “And they’re not aware that you can’t have ivory unless an elephant is dead.”

The video footage in her PROTECT PSA campaign shows the relationship that animals like elephants have with each other, allowing viewers to see them as living, breathing creatures. “It’s so important that people know that they have feelings and emotions and reverence for their ancestors like humans do,” she passionately shares. “Our campaign sheds light on the struggles of these animals without being graphic. It’s in a positive way.”

She adds, “We’re not asking anybody to give any money; we’re not asking for a donation. We’re asking people to protect these animals and to have them in their consciousness. I feel like everyone is loving it.”

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Actress Opens Up About Being a Celebrity Mom

Beyond acting and working with the IFAW campaign, Fisher also has a busy home life: She’s a devoted wife and celebrity mom of five, with kids ranging in age from six to twenty-nine. “Mothering is a job. It’s our greatest gift and also our biggest career,” she candidly says. “We are built for speed; we are built to multitask. We have to schedule ourselves so that we are present in our children’s life and also fulfilled in our careers and partnership.”

With this thought in mind, the star believes that it’s important to show her kids what it means to be a working mother. “They get to see me love my career and also have enough time for them,” Fisher shares. “They will be better humans for that!”

In order to find that balance between your professional and personal life, you have to surround yourself with people who appreciate all of your hard work and enjoy every moment. “We’re all running at full speed, so don’t forget to have a giggle with your kids when you can and then hit the ground running with work,” she reveals. “I think it’s possible.” And that is from a woman who has never had help from a nanny!

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Hollywood Star on Her Celebrity Marriage

When it comes to her celebrity marriage, Fisher knows the importance of making your spouse feel loved and appreciated. “We celebrate each other and like to raise each other up. That’s sexy,” she says. “It’s sexy to see your partner doing what they love. It’s also sexy to me to see what a great father he is — that’s impressive.”

She adds with a laugh, “More than, you know, romance in the bedroom — but you do have to fit that in too!”

For date night, the famous couple enjoys going to sushi bars and eating good food. Recently, they went and saw Brad Garrett, Fisher’s costar in ‘Til Death, in a comedy show. When it comes to family time, they have game nights and movie nights, frequent the beach, and go bowling. “Our house is very open. We love having Sundays here, and I cook for everybody,” she reveals. “We’re all really close. I don’t go a day without seeing my family.”

People are in awe of her 18-year celebrity marriage because it’s rare these days — especially in the entertainment industry. “It’s work, but I don’t feel like it doesn’t have its rewards,” she divulges. “So the work is the same thing as when you work really hard and you earn your paycheck and you get to see the fruits of your labor.” When talking to the star, it’s evident that her family is her proudest accomplishment.

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