Cupid's Pulse Article: Holly Montag and Husband Richie Wilson Share Celebrity Baby News!Cupid's Pulse Article: Holly Montag and Husband Richie Wilson Share Celebrity Baby News!

By Katie Gray

Celebrity pregnancy alert! Former MTV reality star Holly Montag and husband Richie Wilson are expecting their first child together. That means her famous sister Heidi is going to be an aunt! Montag and Wilson married in September 2014. According to, she described her celebrity wedding day, saying, “It could not have been more intimate and elegant. Being surrounded by the mountains as the trees are just beginning to turn for fall was absolutely dreamy. It could not have been more magical or perfect for Richie and me.”

After hearing this celebrity couple’s baby news, what are three ways that you can support your partner through pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Pregnancy isn’t all about the “glowing.” There are trials and tribulations to overcome during those nine months, and it’s important to support your partner along the way:

1. Listen: The most important thing you can do for your relationship and your love life is to pay attention to your partners needs while she is pregnant.  Let her tell you everything she’s feeling, experiencing, and thinking about. Sometimes, she may get very emotional and need to vent. Other times, she may just want to share with you that the baby is kicking. Help her remain relaxed and happy.

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2. Encourage healthy choices: During pregnancy, it’s important to be at your healthiest. Do the heavy lifting for your partner. Take over their tasks that involve toxic ingredients like cleaning with certain products. Make her healthy meals and snacks, and exercise together. You can work on becoming healthier as a team, which will make it more fun!

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3. Connect: It’s crucial during these stages to connect more than ever. Remember how much you love each other and how loyal you are to one another. Decorate the nursery and pick out baby names together. Engage in activities that you both enjoy. Spend a lot of time together because once the baby comes you will both be extremely busy.

What are some ways you have shown support to your partner during pregnancy? Share your stories below.