Cupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian Denies Having Marriage Problems and Claims She’s Not PregnantCupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian Denies Having Marriage Problems and Claims She’s Not Pregnant

By Katie Gray

Everybody’s favorite reality star addressed some rumors before ringing in the new year. According to, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter on New Year’s Eve and wrote, “Lets clear up some rumors before the new year…. I’m bored looking online and seriously don’t know where they come up with this stuff!” She went on to share, “No I’m not pregnant. Kanye & I are not having marriage problems. Were literally obsessed with each other!” She also mentioned her favorite Kanye West song with her followers: “Only One.” The rapper released it on January 1st as a tribute to their daughter, North West. Kardashian explained, “I cry every time I hear this song.”

How do you handle rumors when you’re in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Rumors can destroy your relationship if you don’t rid yourselves of them soon after they arrive. Cupid has some tips:

1. Address it: When there are rumors surrounding your relationship, it can be very frustrating. The key is to address them straight on. Whether you’re in the public eye or not, saying things like “no comment” just adds fuel to the fire. You and your partner can make a statement about what is being said. On the other hand, you don’t owe anybody an explanation if you don’t want to give one. That being said, it’s good to discuss it with your partner so you are both on the same page.

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2. Bond with your partner: When things are being said about your relationship, they can certainly take their toll. Don’t allow that to happen. All that matters is what you and your partner believe and feel. This is why it’s important to connect with your partner and bond more than ever during tough times. Remind each other how committed you are and realize that it doesn’t matter what other people say.

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3. Shake it off: Just like Taylor Swift sings in her hit song, shake it off! Ignore whatever negative things are being said about your relationship. Rumors are irrelevant, and you shouldn’t let them affect your life. If people are talking about you, it’s because they have nothing better to do. Only surround yourself with positive and uplifting individuals!

What are some ways you’ve dealt with rumors surrounding your relationship? Share your stories below.