Cupid's Pulse Article: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Secretly Marries Girlfriend Tasha McCauleyCupid's Pulse Article: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Secretly Marries Girlfriend Tasha McCauley

By Whitney Johnson

There’s no doubt that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon character would be disappointed: The actor is now a married man! According to, he secretly wed girlfriend Tasha McCauley on Dec. 20 at their home. The star, who is known for keeping his private life to himself, opened to Howard Stern about his relationship, saying “I think I’m a pretty good person and a good boyfriend. Yeah, I just wouldn’t want to be with someone who was disrespectful to me.”

What are some benefits of keeping your nuptials under wraps?

Cupid’s Advice:

Not every bride and groom dreams of a big wedding with extravagant bouquets, a five-course meal, and a guest list that includes everyone they’ve ever met. Some, like Gordon-Levitt and his new wife, prefer to keep their special day more low-key. Here are three benefits to keeping your nuptials under wraps:

1. You can make it personal: It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and start worrying about making your future mother-in-law or grandmother happy instead of focusing on what makes you and your partner happy. By keeping your big news to yourself, you’ll be able to do what you want and just enjoy your time together as newlyweds.

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2. You can save money: If you’re trying to stick to a strict budget, remember that each additional guest costs more money. The smaller your wedding, the more you can save! Plus, with less people in attendance, you’ll feel less pressure to fill the space with gorgeous (and expensive) flowers, candles, and other decor.

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3. You can settle into life as husband and wife: Even if you’ve been together for a few years or already share a home, your relationship will inevitably change after you tie the knot. If you keep you big news private, you’ll have a chance to get used to your new roles as spouses without your loved ones sharing their best pieces of (unsolicited) advice or nagging you about your thank you notes.

Did you keep your wedding under wraps? Share your story below!