Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Treat Your Partner to 12 Dates of ChristmasCupid's Pulse Article: How to Treat Your Partner to 12 Dates of Christmas

By Molly Jacob

Carols, presents, and mistletoe! Christmas is one of the best times of the year…and it can be the most romantic. What are some ways to spend this festive time with your loved one? While the 12 days leading up the Christmas are fun, it’s time to have an even better time getting into the holiday spirit with these 12 “dates” of Christmas:

12. Decorate your tree: The best way to get your home ready for the holidays is by putting up a tree. Decorate it with your honey and spend time reflecting on the special meaning of each ornament that you hang on the branches.

11. Shop for tacky Christmas sweaters: Hit up the local thrift store with your love, and go hunting for the craziest Christmas sweater you can find. The two of you will laugh at how silly you look, and now, you both have a great ensemble to wear to those ugly Christmas sweater parties.

10. Go Christmas shopping: The holiday season is one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, so the stores go all out. Not only will you be able to enjoy all the beautiful storefront decorations, but you’ll also be able to see what catches your partner’s eye. You can get some inspiration for their gift and surprise them on Christmas morning.

9. Wrap presents: Put on a little holiday music, find your scissors and tape, and get out the ribbon. Get some creative wrapping ideas from your significant other when you wrap your gifts with him or her. Lend a finger where necessary!

8. Check out holiday lights: From the house down the street to the National Zoo, everyone’s putting up lights for the holidays. Grab your babe and head over to a Christmas lights display so you can enjoy the sights and get into the holiday spirit together. Extra benefit: This date is free!

7. Go ice skating: One of the most classic winter activities is ice skating, so go visit your local indoor or outdoor rink. If you or your partner trips on the ice, the other one can catch the more clumsy skater in their arms! Afterwards, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa for two.

6. Make a gingerbread house: Buy a pre-made kit at the store or make your own gingerbread house together from scratch. Better yet, each of you can make your own house and have a competition to see whose is more creative. The loser buys dinner!

5. Go sledding: If it snows this month, grab your loved one and a sled! Find the nearest hill and go sledding, just like you both did when you were kids. If you don’t have a sled, a garbage can lid or lunch tray will do just fine.

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4. See a holiday play: Take the money you would spend at a nice restaurant and go buy tickets for a local performance, such as The Nutcracker put on by a kids’ ballet class. You’ll be supporting your community, and you’ll also have a great time seeing a classic show.

3. Volunteer at a soup kitchen: Christmas isn’t just about getting gifts; it’s also about giving back. Take your honey to a local soup kitchen and give some of your time back to your community.

2. Make holiday goodies: Treat your sweetie to some sweets! Find out what types of cookies your partner loves and look up some delicious recipes online. After baking them, wrap them up in cling wrap and holiday ribbon and then give them to your loved ones.

1. Watch Christmas movies: Transform your living room into a movie theater. Check out Netflix or Redbox for some of your favorite Christmas movies, including It’s a Wonderful Life, Santa Claus, and Love Actually, and snuggle up under the glow of the Christmas tree while sipping hot chocolate. There’s no better way to enjoy the holiday spirit.

What other holiday dates do you plan on going on this season? Share in the comments section below!