Cupid's Pulse Article: The Muse Headband from Gaiam Will Help You Relax and ReplenishCupid's Pulse Article: The Muse Headband from Gaiam Will Help You Relax and Replenish

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By Sarah Batcheller

Do you frequently find yourself succumbing to stress caused by your job or family? Is your love life often put on hold because you need to manage that stress? Whether you’re a busy bee with no time to relax or you’re living a laid-back lifestyle and just want to better tune into your mind, body, and spirit, the Muse: the brain sensing headband from Gaiam is for you. It’s constructed to help reduce the stress you experience by giving you real-time feedback on how well you are focusing, thus improving your productivity and allowing you to stop feeling like your plate is too full.

Similar to the way a heart monitor can sense your heart’s activity from the outside of your body, Muse can monitor the electrical impulses from your brain that are emitted while thinking, sleeping, and relaxing. The headband then plays noises to you that reflect the state of  your mind: The sounds will be peaceful and calm if you’re quiet and focused and become louder and more chaotic as your mind wanders. You are then given feedback via your smartphone or tablet to hep you track your improvement. For more details on the science behind Muse, you can visit

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Cupid's Pulse Article: The Muse Headband from Gaiam Will Help You Relax and Replenish
The Muse headband from Gaiam in black.

If you’re all too familiar with trying to balance your relationship with a busy lifestyle, Muse will allow you to clear your mind and achieve the focus and clarity that is necessary to have a successful, fulfilling love life. It’ll also help you set aside that important time for self-improvement if you’re constantly telling yourself you need more “me time.” If you don’t have trouble managing all the aspects of your life and simply want to nurture your mind, body, and spirit and subsequently improve your love life, then you can use the brain sensor to tap into your health.

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Many people are raving about their successes with Gaiam’s brain sensing headband. In one review, a user claims, “Calming and satisfying — it feels good to know that you have a way to calm your brain down with some simple exercises,” while another gushes, “I’ve been meditating for about a year, and it was so wonderful to get real feedback and learn that my mindfulness practice is actually working! Love it!”

With the new year just beginning, now is the perfect time to get started on a more focused and relaxed life. The Muse headband from Gaiam is the perfect addition to anyone’s everyday routine.

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