Cupid's Pulse Article: If Men Were Like Reindeer, Which One Would You Choose?Cupid's Pulse Article: If Men Were Like Reindeer, Which One Would You Choose?

By Sarah Batcheller

We know their names from those famous lines in Clement Clarke Moore’s poem A Visit From St. Nick: “Now Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen!” Since the writing of this poem — 1939, to be exact — Rudolph joined Santa’s team, and they were complete. Each of these reindeer have very unique personalities, and here at, we couldn’t help but wonder what men would be like if they were reindeer. Would you want to date a strong leader like Comet or an affectionate lover like Cupid? Read on to figure out what reindeer you would choose.

Dasher: Dasher is known for his speed and energy — it’s in his name, after all! He is the most excited reindeer when the time nears to load up the red sleigh. His quickness makes him a very valuable member of Santa’s team. A man like this would be the same in terms of efficiency and speed. He’d be a natural-born athlete and a busy-bee at heart. Everything about him would be fast! You’d have to remind him to slow down and make sure he’s not out the door every time you you want to relax and snuggle by the fireplace.

Dancer: Dancer is popular among the other reindeer for having the most flare and elegance. He is extremely extroverted. Dating a man like this would mean putting on your best dress and heels and going out quite often. He would surely be the most fun date, but you’d have to remind him to share the limelight with his lady love.

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Prancer: This reindeer likes to look his best at all times. Pulling the sleigh is important to him, and he never knows who he’s going to meet! His impeccable posture contributes to his high performance on Christmas Eve.  A man like Prancer would be very put-together and would make an exceptional impression on your friends and family.  Be careful, though: This kind of man may become a little too obsessed with what’s on the outside.

Vixen: The flirt and comedian of Santa’s team is loved greatly for his positive attitude and talent of performing magic tricks. Vixen can really brighten up the night (metaphorically speaking, unlike Rudolph) and keep the other reindeer entertained while they wait on the rooftops. Dating a man like Vixen would mean lots of jokes and laughter, but he may have a difficult time taking some things seriously.

Comet: The leader of the team is the most looked up to by children. Although he can be quite stubborn and strong-willed, he’s got his team’s best interest at heart and always makes good decisions. Men like Comet tend to be the most loyal and dedicated to their lovers; just make sure that he lets you take the reins every once in a while.

Cupid: Cupid is the most loving and affectionate of all the reindeer. He sees his team as his family and loves to give and receive lots of hugs and kisses. Cupid can really warm a heart during the holiday season! The romance is unforgettable with a guy like Cupid, so long as he doesn’t become too needy.

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Donner: The most confident and proud of all the reindeer, Donner has always loved what he does. His name comes from the German word for “thunder,” which is fitting because of his strong presence. A man like Donner will make you feel safe in any situation. He’ll also be very proud of his relationship with you, but be sure his confidence doesn’t spiral into cockiness.

Blitzen: This reindeer loves a good challenge. He is the most savvy of all the reindeer and loves to outsmart his friends. You could learn a lot dating a man like Blitzen, as guys like this are usually the most interesting. You’ve just got to remind him to have a little fun every once in a while!

Rudolph: The most famous of all the reindeer, Rudolph is known for his bright red nose that helps him guide his team through the night. He has really proven himself to the other reindeer since his days of being teased and now earns the most credit for helping Santa get to every single child on Christmas Eve. A partner like Rudolph would always provide you with insight and advice to guide you and loves lending a helping hand to his community. Just remind him that it’s okay to focus on himself sometimes too!

If men were like reindeer, which one would you choose? Tell us in the comments below!