Cupid's Pulse Article: Top Ten Most Down-To-Earth Celebrity WivesCupid's Pulse Article: Top Ten Most Down-To-Earth Celebrity Wives

By Katie Gray

It’s wonderful to know that there are still kind-hearted, charitable and polite people in the world! When it comes to Hollywood and celebrities in the public eye, there are frequently discussions centering around which stars are down to earth and which are not. Ever wonder which celebrity wives are the sweetest? Cupid has the top ten most down-to-earth:

1. Miranda Lambert: Country cutie Miranda Lambert is not only a talented singer/songwriter, but she is also extremely charitable. Lambert is an animal activist and started MuttNation Foundation to raise awareness for shelter pets and to improve existing shelters. Frequently, she rescues dogs and has taken an active role in finding pets the homes they deserve. The country singer is married to fellow country singer, Blake Shelton and remains down to earth even after her enormous success; she still enjoys a nice BBQ, a cold beer, hunting and having friends and family by her side. This southern belle truly embodies southern hospitality, manners and values.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker: The Sex and the City actress is known for being stylish and fabulous, just like Carrie Bradshaw, the iconic character she portrayed. However; Parker has even more to offer. On top of being a successful actress, she is a model and has her own shoe collection. There are numerous reports of encounters that civilians and celebrities have had with the star, and they are all extremely positive. The Emmy winning actress is married to fellow actor Matthew Broderick and is a proud mom to the three children they have together. She is involved with many charities, volunteers often and was even a bridesmaid in her former assistant’s wedding.

3. Princess Kate, Duchess of Cambridge: Just because one is Royal, doesn’t mean that they are a royal pain. Princess Kateis one of the most gentle and down-to-earth figures in the world. She seems to be taking after her mother-in-law Princess Diana, who once stated, “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” The Princess is full of purpose, and donates her time, notoriety and money towards a tremendous amount of charities and nonprofit organizations. Just last year she added three more to her long list: Place2Be, SportsAid and The Natural History Museum.

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 4. Meryl Streep:  Megastar, Meryl Streep, is the epitome of being an actress. Her work in the film industry alone has captivated audiences in ways like no other has done. She shines not only on screen, but through acts of kindness, too. Multiple stars who have worked with her say she is gracious, kind and talented. This includes fellow actress Anne Hathaway, who co-starred with Streep in the hit movie The Devil Wears Prada. The leading lady also donated $1 million dollars to New York Public Theatre. Her charity endeavors include Actors Fund of America,  Artists for Peace and Justice, Entertainment Industry Foundation and many more. It’s touching she helps fellow actors and gives back. The celebrated actress has an estimated net worth of $66 million dollars and she puts it to good use.

5. Diane Von Furstenberg: Creative mastermind and top luxury brand designer, Diane Von Furstenberg, has graced the world with her humble presence, amazing collections and acts of charity for quite a long time. She is most notable for the iconic wrap dress and fun prints. However; she is also quite the philanthropist. In 1999, the Dillver-von Furstenberg Family Foundation was created to address global issues and support organizations that provide opportunities for people who wouldn’t otherwise have access, in efforts to improve the community as a whole. There are even the DVF Awards, that honor strong and courageous women who rally and overcome adversity to make positive changes in the world. She’s also involved in Vital Voices, which trained 5,000 women leaders in 150 countries, which led to having mentored 100,000 more females. Diane is a shining beacon of hope for a better world.

6. Ivanka Trump: Ivanka Trump is a gorgeous, well-educated, powerful, working wife and mother. And she also happens to be the daughter of billionaire magnate and mogul, Donald Trump. Some in her position may have chosen not to work, because she doesn’t need to, being a trust fund baby, heiress and socialite. That being said, she is a successful businesswoman all on her own, a fashion designer, philanthropist, writer and model.

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7. Nicole Richie: You may originally know her from the reality show The Simple Life where she co-starred alongside best friend Paris Hilton, for her role as a judge on Fashion Star, her reality show Candidly Nicole, being the daughter of music legend Lionel Richie, or for her own career as a singer and DJ. But; wife and mother, Richie, has even more to offer. Richie is married to Joel Madden, and together they have two children. When she had her baby shower, she used the Wizard of Oz themed event to benefit charity.

 8. Jennifer Garner: Is there anyone sweeter than actress, wife and mother, Jennifer Garner? Nope. Garner rose to fame on the hit television series Alias, and has starred in numerous films. On top of that, she is married to fellow actor, Hollywood hunk, Ben Affleck. Together, the couple has three beautiful children. Garner is an activist and serves on the board of trustees for Save the Children, appeared in videos for the Ban Bossy campaign, hosted The Women’s Cancer Research Institute benefit dinner, donates to countless additional charities and remains a positive ambassador and role model. People named her one of the Most Beautiful at Every Age.

9. Victoria Beckham: Posh Spice is a well-rounded woman. She is always immaculately dressed and is a frequent target of the tabloids. Her marriage to David Beckham is widely publicized, as well as their personal lives and being parents to their four gorgeous children. She’s a pop star, fashion designer, author, model and businesswoman. With her net worth of $300 million, she gives back in a variety of ways. She teamed up with The Outnet and sold more than 600 pieces of her own personal wardrobe pieces, with proceeds that benefited the organization Mothers2mothers. The star also even donated a ton of shoes to help victims of the Philippines typhoon. Some may think she is just a diva, but she is actually a dear. She once explained the reason behind her serious faces on the red carpet saying that if someone is smiling all the time they will appear “daft.”

10. ‘Real Housewives’: Teresa Giudice/Melissa Gorga/Dina Manzo/Kelly Bensimon: Bravo TV’s hit reality franchise The Real Housewives has garnered millions of viewers and created stars. Just because they are wives and mothers though; doesn’t mean they aren’t contributing to our society. Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Dina Manzo are no strangers to charity. All three women donate to good causes and have been reported as being super friendly in real life, even when cameras are not rolling. Teresa Giudice went on Celebrity Apprentice and raised money for NephCure the kidney disease charity foundation. Dina Manzo has her very own charity she started called The Ladybug Foundation which aids children with cancer. They all have children and still find the time to give back and put their fame to good use. Who said reality stars are famous for nothing? Bravo, ladies!

Who are some other celebrity wives who remain down to earth? Share your thoughts below.