Cupid's Pulse Article: Life Coach Lisa Haisha Shares Her Best Relationship Advice: “Choose Love Everyday”Cupid's Pulse Article: Life Coach Lisa Haisha Shares Her Best Relationship Advice: “Choose Love Everyday”

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Emily Meyer.

Lisa Haisha is a woman who can’t be stopped. Not only is she a life coach, motivational speaker, and author, but she also works with nonprofit organizations like Whispers from Children’s Hearts Foundation. Now, she is helping people discover the answers to life’s most soul-searching questions through Soul Blazing, her unique therapy method. In our exclusive interview, Haisha chats with us about all things celebrity couples and relationship advice!

After working in the entertainment industry for a few years, the life coach decided to take a break and get her Masters in Psychology. “I chose psychology because, having worked with actors so much, I felt like a psychology degree might be a good idea to deal with all of the various personalities,” she explains. “Plus, I have always been fascinated with what makes people tick.” Haisha now coaches some of the most well-known celebrities, helping them get into character and also aiding them with their personal problems.

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She helps her clients through Soul Blazing, which, according to her website, is meant to “unlock your potential by unveiling the fears, beliefs, and habits that prevent you from achieving your highest personal and financial success.” She reveals she got the idea of the name while working with an inmate at a women’s security prison. The prisoner told her she had “blazed her soul.”

Relationship Advice from the Life Coach

From all of her experience and time in the field, it’s no surprise that she has learned a lot. When asked about her best relationship advice, she divulges, “You have to be extremely patient, and you have to choose love everyday. If you don’t choose love everyday, psychologically, you will start to think the relationship is too much work.”

The author claims that, to make a relationship work, you can’t react to the little things. She says, “Everyone wants to be loved, and everyone wants to love. Once you like yourself, you can like others.”

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Haisha also encourages everyone to be more accepting and to consider that you may be wrong. Having conscious communication is key. “Instead of blaming, tell the person how you feel, whether it is true or not. The other person has to actually listen and repeat what you say,” she reveals. “Usually, you don’t hear the other person because you are stuck in your own mind. Whether it’s true or not, say, ‘I am so sorry you feel that way. What can I do to make you feel better?’”

What We Can Learn from Celebrity Couples

With the motivational speaker being surrounded by pop culture and the entertainment industry, she has a lot to say about Hollywood relationships. So why does she think all of these A-List single celebrities have such trouble finding love? She explains, “A lot of it is picking the wrong person because they’re lonely and emotional while working on movie sets. They either have flings, affairs, or random hook ups and think it’s going to work because it was so magical on the set. It typically doesn’t work because usually actors are narcissists.”

While many celebrity couples don’t show us what true love is, there are a few pairs that Haisha claims have happy and healthy relationships. “George Clooney, Matthew Mcconaughey, and Matt Damon are great examples because both them and their wives are leading strong lives in every area,” she shares. “They have all picked non-celebrities, grounded people who are taking care of the family and children but also have careers.”

She also reveals that a lot of couples are still together because they are passionate about a common cause: “Celebrity couples like George and Amal and Brad and Angelina are working towards a higher good. They both want to help shift the world, and that is what brings them together.”

To find out more about Lisa, SoulBlazing, or her motivational speaking, go to her website You can also keep up with Lisa on Twitter at @LisaHaisha. She’s currently writing her next book, titled Soul Blazing: Melt Away Your Fears, Create Your Legacy, and Live a Life that Matters.