Cupid's Pulse Article: Jon Gosselin and Girlfriend Go Christmas Tree Shopping with KidsCupid's Pulse Article: Jon Gosselin and Girlfriend Go Christmas Tree Shopping with Kids

Dashing through the snow, Jon Gosselin brought his new girlfriend along as he and his eight kids picked out their Christmas tree this past weekend.  Despite negative criticisms earlier this year, Gosselin has seemed to settle down a bit, and he and Ross are looking forward to making the holidays this year about the kids.  Although Gosselin doesn’t have a huge amount of money to spend on presents for his kids this year, a source told RadarOnline, “He wants to get them gifts that mean something and that tap into their interests.”

What are affordable yet romantic gifts for your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Holiday gift shopping can be stressful, especially when you’re on a tight budget.  Cupid has some tips:

1. The enhanced coupon: A coupon for a free back rub maybe too cheesy, but giving your partner his favorite movie along with a coupon for his favorite homemade dinner is personal and special.  You can always make a surprise out of the back rub afterward, too!

2. Utilize the five senses: Pick a small gift to stimulate each of your partner’s senses.  For example, pick up his favorite artist’s new album, one of his favorite snacks and a framed picture of the two of you.  It’s affordable and creative.

3. Exchange promises, not presents: Agree or vow to do something that will improve your relationship together, like setting aside one night a week devoted solely to you as a couple.  It won’t cost you a thing, and will keep giving all year long.