Cupid's Pulse Article: Find the Perfect Date Night Outfit Using tagspire!Cupid's Pulse Article: Find the Perfect Date Night Outfit Using tagspire!


Cupid's Pulse Article: Find the Perfect Date Night Outfit Using tagspire!
Inspire those around you with your fashionable holiday wear using Tagspire.

This post is sponsored by tagspire.

Written by Shannon Seibert. Photo by Whitney Johnson.

With the impending winter chill, finding a fashion-forward and sensible outfit for date night can be challenging. The holiday season of snuggly sweaters and booties is approaching quickly, giving you the perfect opportunity to share your winter fashion expertise all over social media. If you’re already posting your adorable attire on the web, you might as well get paid for it.  So our gift to you this holiday season is the newest form of social commerce in the digital age: tagspire.

tagspire is a one-of-a-kind website that allows you to contribute to the fashion world and inspire others while social shopping. The website lets you to post photos of your cover-worthy attire and tag the items that you’re wearing so everyone else can duplicate your holiday look and buy it themselves. All you have to do is upload your photo to tagspire and tag each item you want to monetize in the photo. These tags allow other users to find the items you’re wearing and purchase online.

The tags aren’t limited to links either! Users are able to submit blurbs and ratings for items that will show up just like the tags do. You can even utilize multiple tags to direct traffic to more than one link. Each time someone buys an item that you tag, you will gain a small percentage of commission. Plus, the dashboard allows you to see sell analytics and history. You can enhance your tagspire skills by watching their video tutorial.

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This website is the ultimate platform for not only showcasing your styling talent but also finding a holiday present for your honey!That new iPhone case he has been vying for? You are now able to find it by typing a brief description into your search bar. That’s right; this site isn’t limited to apparel either: Users are able to feature a variety of items from electronics and travel accessories to beauty products and home decor.

Since online sales are at an all time high between October and March, sign up for tagspire today to maximize your opportunity to make and save money. Rather than promoting your style in the traditional word-of-mouth way, you can give your audience a visual of what your creation looks like. Happy tagging!