Cupid's Pulse Article: Let Your Love Shine with Star Registry + GIVEAWAYCupid's Pulse Article: Let Your Love Shine with Star Registry + GIVEAWAY

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By Sarah Batcheller

Nowadays, it’s more difficult than ever to pick out a unique present for a loved one. No matter how thoughtful and inspired your ideas may be, someone, somewhere has taken the same idea and outdone it by a thousand. Even though you put so much effort into picking out the perfect present, you still don’t feel like your gift-giving aptitude measures up.

Worry no more! We have found the most unique and romantic Christmas gift idea that is literally out-of-this-world. Trillions of light years away, lay presents that no added glitter or chrome paint could ever compete with: the stars! Thanks to the International Star Registry, you can buy and name a star for your own shining star here on earth! Whether it be your significant other, sibling, parent, child, or best friend,  no other gift says “I love you” as timelessly as claiming your very own luminous star.

Because we love the idea of such a sweet gift, we wanted to experience the magic first-hand. So, Executive Editor, Lori Bizzoco received her very own Photographic Sky Chart and praises it as “an amazingly unique and beautiful gift.” Fellas, take note because a star is an extraordinary gift for a girlfriend or wife! Nothing says “you light up my life” better.



Cupid's Pulse Article: Let Your Love Shine with Star Registry + GIVEAWAY
The Photographic Sky Chart.

Imagine it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other special holiday, and you want to blow away your honey with a present that they never saw coming. Don’t be like the majority of people scouring jewelry stores, flower shops or clearing out the designer handbag department. In order to find something that’s personal, sentimental, and truly one-of-a-kind, reach for the stars! The International Star Registry gives you the opportunity to name a star after your cutie, or be creative and give a constellation-esque title inspired by your love. Bizzoco gave hers the star name “Natoria” after her two daughters.

The Photographic Sky Chart that comes with your purchase provides a detailed portrait and the location of your specific star, as seen in the image above. Not to mention, the Sky Chart will come custom framed in a 16” X 20” black frame for added style. Bizzoco’s experience was a fabulous one, so make your sweetie feel the love too, and buy a star today!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: We’re giving away TWO (2) Custom Star Kits with the Photographic Sky Chart (unframed)! To enter our giveaway, email with your full name, address, email, and daytime phone number BEFORE 5 p.m. EST on November 27th. In the subject line, please write “Star Registry Giveaway.” You may enter the contest only once. Good luck!

Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who participated!