Cupid's Pulse Article: Kris Jenner Gets Cozy with New Celebrity Love Corey Gamble at Kim Kardashian’s B-DayCupid's Pulse Article: Kris Jenner Gets Cozy with New Celebrity Love Corey Gamble at Kim Kardashian’s B-Day

By Amanda Boyer

It’s official! The latest celebrity news reveals that Kris Jenner has a new celebrity love. This single mom was spotted with Corey Gamble in Sherman Oaks, Calif. earlier this month at Kim Kardashian’s birthday party, according to This was not the first time they were seen in public together though; other sources have also reported seeing the duo recently.

Celebrity couples have to face the whole world when it comes to announcing a relationship. What should you keep in mind when introducing your new partner to your loved ones?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sure, you don’t have a new celebrity love like Jenner, but that doesn’t mean your relationship and love isn’t a big deal! Knowing when and how to break this news to family and friends can be tricky though, so Cupid has some relationship advice to consider:

1. It should be serious: Make sure that you’re new relationship isn’t just a fling. When you realize you’re ready to make a commitment to that person, you know it’s time to inform those close to you.

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2. Update your partner: Informing your new significant other about your family before bringing them home is a good idea. Telling them about your parents and your siblings can help them feel more comfortable when they’re first introduced.

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3. Remind them to be themselves: Let your partner know it’s okay to be themselves and to just relax! If you’re happy with who they are, then your family and friends should love them too.

Have another way to know it’s time to introduce your partner to family and friends? Share your ideas below.