Cupid's Pulse Article: Kanye West Sends a Public Message for Kim Kardashian’s BirthdayCupid's Pulse Article: Kanye West Sends a Public Message for Kim Kardashian’s Birthday

By Maggie Manfredi

Happy belated Kim! According to Usmagazine.comKanye West sent out two tweets in honor of the reality star’s 34th birthday on Oct. 21. The rapper stated, “Happy Birthday baby! Thank you for being the dopest wife & mom!” He followed it up with, “Sometimes I feel like just saying I love you isn’t strong enough to express how much I love you…” This birthday was low maintenance compared to last year’s baseball field with fireworks proposal. But the little family seems to happy and very much in love. 

How do you make your partner feel special on his/her birthday?

Cupid’s Pulse:

Can’t think of how to send the love to your partner on their birthday? Cupid has some ideas for how to make it a birthday to remember:

1. A year ago today: This one takes a year of planning, so you will have plenty of time. On your partner’s birthday write a letter about what they mean to you and what this letter will symbolize a year from now. All you have to do is keep it safe and hidden. You could frame it if you like and it will be a gift that reminds each of you of your life together and how you’ve grown as a couple.

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2. Just like the movies: Want to get corny and romantic? All you need is your lover’s favorite rom-com, take a moment or idea from the flick and recreate it. Whether it be a butterfly tattoo/telescope like A Walk To Remember, or a shopping spree/chocolate strawberries like Pretty Woman…you have lots of cheesy to chose from.

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3. Let the world know: Take a note from Kanye’s book and share the love.This seems obvious but a loving instagram pic or some nice words on twitter are an easy way to make your special someone feel great on their special day. It will mean something to them that you want to tell them you love them…and also that you want to tell everybody else!

Have a great birthday idea? Share with us below!