Cupid's Pulse Article: Keith Urban Says Wife Nicole Kidman Saved His LifeCupid's Pulse Article: Keith Urban Says Wife Nicole Kidman Saved His Life

Nicole Kidman is more than just Keith Urban’s wife; she’s his lifesaver as well, according to Us Weekly.  Urban appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and opened up to DeGeneres about his drug and alcohol addiction.  He confessed that his wife deserves the credit for saving his life, as she was instrumental in getting him into rehab four months after their wedding.  However, the country crooner admits that Kidman wasn’t fully aware of the extent of his substance abuse problems when they got married. What are things you should know about your partner before marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

Before you and your partner walk down the aisle, it’s important to take some time for an open and honest discussion.  Cupid has some things to include in these talks:

1. Dealing with hard times: If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that marriage is work.  Make sure you understand how your partner deals with the hard times that come with life.  Make sure there will be a support system in place for when things don’t go so smoothly.

2. Children: The prospect of having children can be a deal breaker when it comes to the possibility of marriage.  Discuss the number of children you each want and what type of parenting style you want to incorporate.

3. Marriage expectations: Everyone has their own idea of what a marriage entails.  Discussing how the two of you will be spending the rest of your lives is no small feat.  Before signing the license, confirm that you are taking this journey seriously and with matching mindsets.