Cupid's Pulse Article: Nick Cannon Opens Up About Split From Mariah CareyCupid's Pulse Article: Nick Cannon Opens Up About Split From Mariah Carey

By Katie Gray

Nick Cannon, host of America’s Got Talent, has opened up about how he is dealing with his split from pop princess Mariah Carey. According to, Cannon told Extra,  “I’m just taking everything one day at a time and just being the best person that I can possibly be at the end of the day.” He’s currently in the process of having his tattoo of the superstar singer removed from his body. He claimed, “It was painful. It hurt a lot.” Cannon has no ill feelings towards his wife, he wishes Carey, “nothing but the best.”

What are three steps you can take to recover from a split?

Cupid’s Advice: 

One of the hardest things in life to recover from is heartache. Everybody needs a room at the ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ at some point throughout their lives, just like Elvis Presley sang about. Nonetheless; it’s important to remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You have lots to look forward too, and someone more suited for you will come along. Cupid has some advice on how you can recover from a painful split:

1. Take time for YOU: When you separate from someone you were once close too, it can be very difficult. Make sure to make room for ‘me time’ and cater to all of your needs. You deserve it. Take a bubble bath, enjoy a nice glass of wine, let your favorite singer serenade you, read a good book, order comfort food you fancy and watch reruns of your favorite show. Indulge in all of the things that bring you happiness, because even though you’re feeling down – there are still things that can make you happy in your life left.

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2. All you need is love: Surround yourself with your loved ones. They will reinforce why you’re amazing, make you laugh, help you through your struggles and allow you to see that you’re appreciated. Just because you’ve split from someone you loved, doesn’t mean that everybody in your world has stopped loving you. (They do, I promise.)

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3. Change can be a positive: Hope comes in many forms.  Think of this new change as a positive. It’s making room for good things to come. Reevaluate your life and realize all of the things that you have to look forward too. You are starting fresh and can achieve anything you want. The best is yet to come!

What are some ways you’ve recovered from a split? Share your thoughts below.