Cupid's Pulse Article: Single in Stilettos Show: He’s Great, But…Cupid's Pulse Article: Single in Stilettos Show: He’s Great, But…

On this week’s Single in Stilettos show, founder Suzanne Oshima talks to dating coach Sandra Fidelis about common first date mistakes that women make. So often, we immediately dismiss a guy if we don’t feel an instant attraction to him…but doesn’t he deserve another chance? Here are four things women often think after a date that hold them back from finding love: I want amazing chemistry from the start; I just wasn’t attracted to him; he’s great, but I don’t want to go on a second date; and if I’m not going to date him, I don’t need to be his friend.

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Cupid wants to know: How do you keep an open mind after a not-so-great first date?