Cupid's Pulse Article: Paris Hilton Goes Straight from Reinhardt to WaitsCupid's Pulse Article: Paris Hilton Goes Straight from Reinhardt to Waits

According to TMZ and Perez Hilton, Paris Hilton (reality star, heiress of Hilton hotels empire), has disassociated herself with Doug Reinhardt (heir to frozen burrito empire). She’s been seen with entrepreneur Cy Waits (owner of multiple Las Vegas nightclubs) for the last month or so.

How can you avoid falling into a rebound relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Ending one relationship can sometimes lead straight into another one. Here are some ways to break that habit and take some time for yourself:

1. Be brave: It’s challenging to simply be single. Find activities to keep you occupied. You’ll find that you won’t crave the attention of someone else if your mind is busy on things you enjoy.

2. Lean on friends: It’s OK to find support in your inner circle. Tell them that you aren’t looking for anyone right now to avoid being set up on a string on blind-dates.

3. Honesty: Set realistic goals for yourself, and realize that independence takes time. When you feel you don’t need to lean on someone else for support is when you can consider stepping back into the dating scene.