Cupid's Pulse Article: Chelsea Clinton Leaves Hospital With New Daughter CharlotteCupid's Pulse Article: Chelsea Clinton Leaves Hospital With New Daughter Charlotte

By Amanda Boyer

Chelsea Clinton just welcomed her first child, Charlotte, into the world with her husband Marc Mezvinsky at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. According to E! Online, Clinton sent a tweet after she arrived home on Monday saying she was grateful for everyone and their help. Since baby Charlotte’s birth, Clinton is now determined that her child feels the same way she did — as the center of her parents’ lives when growing up.

What are some ways to welcome a new mom home from the hospital?

Cupid’s Advice:

Hospitals are not very hospitable. Cupid has some tips to help your partner feel special when coming back home after the birth of a child:

1. Cook: Before their arrival home, cook her favorite homemade meal for her to have in bed. She’ll no doubt be tired and will want some relaxation and sleep after a couple taxing days in the hospital.

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2. Decorate: If she already has kids, nieces or nephews, have them make a hand crafted banner to hang for her to see as she walks in the doors. She’ll love the sentiment!

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3. Keep busy: After coming home from the hospital, your partner is going to want to relax, so take the initiative to clean up and take care of the new baby as your partner lays back for a while.

How did you welcome your partner and new baby home? Share below!