Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Gossip Columnist Perez Hilton on Dating in NYC: “It’s Raining Men, But It’s Exhausting”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Gossip Columnist Perez Hilton on Dating in NYC: “It’s Raining Men, But It’s Exhausting”

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Christina DeRosa.

It’s hard to keep up with Perez Hilton, as he’s always on the go trying to get celebrity gossip for his own popular website. But the blogger slowed down for a moment to catch up with at OK! Magazine’s New York Fashion Week celebration. During a one-on-one celebrity video interview, he gave us the latest scoop on living a healthy life and looking for a relationship and love in New York City.

Perez Hilton Talks Celebrity Dating

When asked about celebrity dating in New York, Hilton shared that he isn’t giving up on the hope of finding someone special. He’s continued to online date, as he shared in his last interview with us (see related link below). “It’s great; I’m not gonna complain,” he adds. “It’s raining men, but it’s exhausting going on so many first dates.”

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What he wants in a partner is quite simple: “Somebody who is happy — happy professionally, happy personally, and happy with the direction their life is heading in,” the blogger tells us. “Someone who knows who they are, knows what they want.”

With his son adjusting to the New York lifestyle, we were curious to find out if there would be more kids in his future. The celebrity gossip columnist replies, “If I’m lucky!”

Hilton also reveals his plan for staying slim and healthy: that large bag with him on the red carpet. When asked what was in the bag, the star admits, “My food.” His secret: “Nothing special — no juicing, no weirdness, just healthy food really.”

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Celebrity Gossip Columnist on Fashion

Ever the fashionista himself, he says, “What I have most enjoyed about fashion week is just getting to wear so many fun clothes.”

He said that his inspiration behind the black and white unitard and black boots he was wearing at the OK! event was to pay homage to the beloved red carpet queen herself: Joan Rivers. So sweet!

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