Cupid's Pulse Article: Tiffani Thiessen Hopes a Second Pregnancy Will Happen SoonCupid's Pulse Article: Tiffani Thiessen Hopes a Second Pregnancy Will Happen Soon

By Amanda Boyer

Tiffani Thiessen is ready to be a mother of two, but reality is just not cooperating with her even though she is trying. According to People, in an interview with online magazine Sweden With Love, Thiessen said that she wanted her daughter to have another sibling after Harper’s best friend became a big sister. That being said, her co-star recently got pregnant it was not realistic for her career and show initially.

How do you know when to plan for another baby?

Cupid’s Advice:

Time to expand your family? Cupid has some tips on how to know it’s the right time:

1. Money: Can you afford it right now? Maybe you need to put some extra hours in at the office or start saving again. These are things to discuss with your partner before committing to bringing a new life into the world.

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2. Space: Do you have enough room in your home for another kid either now or down the road? Maybe it is time to look into buying a bigger place. Or, maybe you’re good to go right now.

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3. Is it realistic?: Have you waited long enough since having your last child to start trying again, or would it be better to give it another year? Can you take maternity leave again from work? These are questions to ask yourself before jumping into the deep end.

Did you wait enough time before having another baby? Share your thoughts with us!