Cupid's Pulse Article: Wedding Rumors: Nicole Richie and Joel MaddenCupid's Pulse Article: Wedding Rumors: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

After four years, two kids, and a 10-month engagement, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden may finally be ready to set a wedding date.  Although the couple have been very secretive about the details of their wedding, Us Weekly reports that Richie had a bachelorette party in September with Christina Aguilera and a few of her other girlfriends.  Richie isn’t the only one being secretive about the details.  At the Oscar pre-show, Madden said, “We’re kind of doing it at our own pace.  We have no idea right now.”

What’s the benefit of keeping your wedding date a secret?

Cupid’s Advice:

Once you set the date for your big day, your first instinct may be to send out that “save the date” to let everyone know. But Cupid has some advantages to keeping your wedding date a secret for a while:

1. You can make wedding decisions alone: When people don’t know your wedding date, they aren’t able to insert themselves into wedding plans.  You’ll be able to have the wedding you want without any unnecessary input.

2. You can keep it exclusive: If your wedding date is under wraps, you’re able to keep the guest list more intimate and exclusive without feeling obligated to send out extra invites.

3. You can stay true to your personalities: Some brides dream of a huge wedding and others just want a few of their close family and friends to be there.  If you’re the latter of the two, announcing your wedding date may not coincide with your dream wedding plans.