Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Bundle Up for FunCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Bundle Up for Fun

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean the magic of winter has to end. Cupid’s got some date ideas for those who love to embrace the colder weather. Temperatures are ice cold, so there’s still time to sport your chicest coat or get all toasty warm by the fireplace. As your toes freeze, as icicles form on your eyelashes, and as the snow falls outside your window, you may be tempted to stay inside, but there’s nothing more romantic than taking your partner out for some fun in the snow!

Relationship Advice to Enjoy the Winter Weather

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Sure, there are always the classics: snowmen, snow angels, and sledding. Why not try something a little more exciting this holiday season? Follow this relationship advice by adding a twist to the snow day classics while surprising your neighbors with your creative front yard. Instead of the traditionally white snowman, why not make a colorful one? Take some food coloring, mix it with water, and place the mixture in a spray bottle. Once you build your snowman, squirt the color on, and watch the snow change colors. Try layering different colors for a rainbow or ombré effect. You can also make your favorite fictional character come to life with just a bit of accessorizing: Use a lightning-bolt scar and glasses make for a great Harry Potter, or you can style your creation with a wig and a crown to create your favorite Disney princess.

For a more social activity, try starting a couples’ snowball fight.  Invite your neighbors and divide yourselves into teams. Whether you’re playing couples against couples or girls against guys, you’re sure to bond with your friends who enjoy a little wintertime fun. Building snow forts is another great way to get the competition rolling. You could also challenge each other to a snow angel contest or teach each other how to juggle snowballs.

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If you’re feeling particularly athletic, take a cue from Hollywood couple Jessica Simpson and hubby Eric Johnson and organize a football game in the snow. All you need are some friends and a football! A game of tackle is no big threat when your field is cushioned with snow. Plus, it’s a great way to enjoy the beautiful white winter but also stay warm. You’ll get so caught up in the fun that you won’t even want to keep score!

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